2018 Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology Conference
February 8-10, 2018 University of California Santa Barbara, CA USA

New Perspectives: Innovations by women intersecting science, media and sonic arts

New Perspectives: Innovations by women intersecting science, media and sonic arts is a three day conference February 8-10, 2018 celebrating the achievements of today’s generation of women media artists using technology in their work. The conference will include a mixture of paper and poster presentations, demos/workshops, installations and concerts. New Perspectives is hosted by the Alliance of Women in Media Arts and Technology (AWMAT) at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Proposals for performances, installations, workshop and presentations that address the significance of women in media arts today and that explore their works integrating data, science and technology with media and sonic arts are welcome. Although the number of women in digital arts and innovation is growing, women are still significantly in the minority in this field. Our interests lie in exploring innovative approaches to integrating media arts, science and technology. We also seek to expose the work being done by the current and future female leaders in this field.

Female artists and technologists are navigating their way through the endless possibilities of the integration of science, technology and digital media, leaving their own mark in an ever expanding creative and science field. Digital media may be applied to any extension of traditional means, including but not limited to: data visualization, hacked electronics, new instruments or ways to prepare traditional instruments, real-time audio/visual processing, multimedia, robotics, engineering and of course computer software.

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