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2011 is the first year for AWIS CTC! 

  • TCEQ Environmental Summit in Schertz, TX this November!

  1. AWIS CTC Treasurer 2011-OPEN
    1. AWIS CTC Secretary 2011-OPEN
    2. Committee Chairs and members-2 chairs OPEN
  • AWIS Q&A
    1. Meeting logistics
    2. Electronic Resources
    3. Career database and AWIS CTC Newsletter

  • Orientation and events for 2011-2012 discussion
    1. Networking events
    2. Meeting logistics


Anyone interested in serving may be nominated.  To self-nominate or nominate another individual, please email a request and short biographical abstract to:
Individuals may apply from any location in Central Texas (Dallas to San Antonio).  For specific information, please submit all inquiries to the above email address.

Voting: TBD

**For more information about any of these positions, please review Article II in the AWIS CTC Constitution and Bylaws found here.