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Very Cheap Sunglasses

very cheap sunglasses
    cheap sunglasses
  • "Cheap Sunglasses" is a 1980 single by ZZ Top from their 1979 album Deguello. It is one of their most famous songs and includes the use of some odd instruments. The song captures many of the sounds and beats that ZZ Top is famous for.

going home
going home
Back to familiar territory. I am a landscape artist first of all. I like that swirl of cloud in the centre high above the scene. I was really enjoying the clouds through my new very cheap sunglasses which bring out the detail in the sky so very well. It is not at all surprising the ancients envisaged their God as an old man with a beard swathed in clouds. Travelling in planes as so many of us do today brings them down to a human level from one perspective, from another it makes us Gods indeed. It is all a matter of imagination. This does not quite have the complexity and detail of the real thing.
"Cheap as chips"
"Cheap as chips"
The bane of every tourist in Tenerife, the Lookie Lookie Man. One way to guarantee they don't disturb you is to get your camera out; they're very camera-shy for obvious reason. I managed to catch this guy before he had chance to flee. What fascinates me is the boxes they carry their wares around in - lovingly(?!) crafted cardboard contraptions held together with miles of packing tape. They all look identical. Is there some backstreet production line for these things or do the lookie lookie men attend 'classes' to learn how to make them? ;-)

very cheap sunglasses
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