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A Wireless Phone Jack

a wireless phone jack
    wireless phone
  • A wireless phone works much like a cordless phone but connects through a PSTN (public switched telephony network) instead of a POTS line (plain old telephone service or regular telephone lines). Security is the guaranteed feature with wireless phones.
  • A mobile phone (also called mobile, cellular phone, cell phone or handphone) is an electronic device used for full duplex two-way radio telecommunications over a cellular network of base stations known as cell sites.
  • lift with a special device; "jack up the car so you can change the tire"
  • A sleeveless padded tunic worn by foot soldiers
  • a small worthless amount; "you don't know jack"
  • jacklight: hunt with a jacklight

Motorola MC35 - E-mail over High-Speed Edge Wireless Data Networks at technologynewsindia.blogspot.com
Motorola MC35 - E-mail over High-Speed Edge Wireless Data Networks       at    technologynewsindia.blogspot.com
Searching for a phenomenal hit to follow up the popular Razr slim phone, Motorola introduced a series of hard-to-distinguish new consumer phones plus the MC35, a durable voice/data communications device. Called an Enterprise Digital Assistant by the company, the MC35 includes built-in GPS capability, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, mobile e-mail over high-speed Edge wireless data networks, and a camera. The phone even throws in a barcode reader to the growing suite of mobile applications. The new smartphone is the result of Motorola's acquisition last year of Symbol, long known as a maker of "rugged" devices for enterprises. The company also unveiled ROKR Z6m, a sleeker, metallic variant on the RIZR slider that emphasizes music: a 3.5mm headphone jack lets any standard headphone set plug in without an adapter, and stereo Bluetooth supports wireless headphones or speakers. EVDO and a 2-megapixelcamera are also a part of the design. ROKR Z6m is due to arrive by second quarter of 2007.
AVCLAN => Droid Incredible
AVCLAN => Droid Incredible
Working draft of the hardware for my project to allow my Corolla radio head unit to control my Droid Incredible with crude headset commands. I haven't finished the software yet; so far I have a working AVCLAN sniffer that can read messages from the car A/V network, and I have the headset click commands successfully going out to the phone. So all that is left is to tell it that when it gets certain button push messages from the radio head unit it should send out certain series of headset clicks. Was not really possible to make this work using only the Arduino API; the AVCLAN sniffing had to be pretty snappy. Had to write most of the code in AVR-LIBC, but was pretty easy to throw it together using only the Arduino IDE. I've also bought a bluetooth chip, so the next level of sophistication will be wireless control of the phone, but that is probably not going to get done anytime soon...

a wireless phone jack
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