Welcome to the Arvada West High School Technology Showcase!
Here you will find samples of  student and teacher technology integration.  We encourage you to browse our site and see some of the technology we use to impact student achievement.
The ISTE Technology Standards.  These standards are developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).  We work to make sure that we meet, or exceed, these standards at AWest to ensure that our students have the necessary technology skills to be successful after high school.  Visit the ISTE Technology Standards link to browse the specific standards for teachers and students.
Our Librarian.  Susie Lackey works with individual teachers and departments to align assignments and projects to these standards.  She has 45 Computers for student use, along with a web camera to virtually visit several classrooms at the same time to help them use the best resources for the task at hand.  Please visit the Library link to see samples of the work that has been done.
The Earth Science Team.  They have a computer lab of 33 machines dedicated to them.  All freshmen go through the Earth Science curriculum and spend time in this lab and on laptop carts to learn Earth Science with technology embedded into the curriculum. 
Our Tech Team.  We have a tech team that consists of teachers from all content areas, an administrator, our instructional coach, our librarian, and our technology coordinators.  This team has a deeper understanding of the ISTE standards than the general population in addition to being trained on how to troubleshoot common technological issues.  Visit any department to see a showcase of the work they are doing to meet these standards.