Plain gray t shirt. Long sleeve scoop neck t shirt.

Plain Gray T Shirt

plain gray t shirt
    t shirt
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plain gray t shirt - Pro Club
Pro Club Heavyweight T-Shirt 2XL- TALL Heather Gray (Various Sizes & Colors Available)
Pro Club Heavyweight T-Shirt 2XL- TALL Heather Gray (Various Sizes & Colors Available)
Men's Heavyweight short sleeve Pro Club T-Shirts are 100% cotton made in the USA. It's a heavy duty cotton shirt with a nice soft hand feel. Customers love to wear Pro Club T-shirts because the collar keeps its shape overtime without stretching out or sagging. The functionality of a Pro Club T- shirt is endless. You can sport your Pro Club T-Shirts as an undershirt and you won't have to worry about the neck sagging or stretching out overtime. You can also wear your Pro Club T-Shirts layered or by themselves because our Pro Club Heavyweight T-Shirts are not see-through like other blank t-shirt brands. VARIOUS SIZES & COLORS AVAILABLE AT MY AMAZON STOREFRONT.

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The T-shirt Quilt is complete!
The T-shirt Quilt is complete!
I honestly can't believe that I just wrote the word "complete" after T-shirt Quilt. Why oh why did I worry for months about what would become of the quilt? The decision to make the quilt for my Godson came about when I saw a 3 week class on making a T-Shirt Quilt was about to start.(The class met once a week). I asked Jack's Mom & she grabbed a bag of his t-shirts. All along I was skeptical as to whether a person who had never quilted before could really make a finished quilt in 3 classes (with weekly homework). Let's just say, I did not make a quilt in 3 weeks, nor did any of the other 8 class participants. Once I cut my Godson's tees, I knew I was deep into this project & somehow I would have to finish it. I managed to cut & stitch all of the t-shirt blocks & borders together. I bought a plain gray sheet for the back. I was terrified to cut the sheet & try to stitch it with the batting to the front. Plus, I had no idea how I would quilt such a large piece by myself (especially since I don't know how to quilt or stitch in the ditch, etc) Suddenly, after weeks of angst, it all came to me. I found a local place that takes the quilt top & then does the rest. They added the batt & backing, then they quilted it. They did a wonderful job & I am so grateful. Now that I know of their services, I might even attempt another quilt.
Day 11. I am obsessed with decorating my plain clothing. My future refashions will likely include a lot of flowers, appliques, trims, and such. This flower will eventually end up on a collar of some boring shirt I have, I'm pretty sure. I used some of the scraps from Day 10's refashion to make this flower, which was *super* easy - I may put a tutorial up on my blog one day. Because I am the only crafter in the world without a collection of fancy buttons, I added yellow glass beads on top of the plain black button in the center to add interest. There will definitely be more of these in my future!

plain gray t shirt