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Making Quilts Out Of T Shirts

making quilts out of t shirts
    t shirts
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Five Generation Miniature Quilt
Five Generation Miniature Quilt
I was very close to my Nana. When we visited her my son would always insist on a "4-generation hug" with Nana, my Mom, me and him. When she passed away at 98 last March I helped situate her things, and never quite got around to dropping some of those clothes at the Goodwill. So for this challenge, I collected clothing and linens to make a family heirloom miniature. Each star is a different generation of the women of my family. The left star is my Great Grandmother, including a rather threadbare blouse and a shirt, with a couple very cool kimono silks (the nice thing about a miniature is the pieces are small enough to just steal them from the hem!) The top star is my Nana, with 3 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, and a piece of silk scarf. The right star is my Mom, with pieces from 2 shirts, 2 skirts and a pillow. The bottom start is me. Instead of taking the opportunity to make mine out of my most pretty items, I chose to use everyday pieces like theirs were. Mine is 2 of my favorite t's, a blouse, and bits of my favorite silk skirt. The lace doily is from my Great Aunt (Nana's sister), and it's floating over my son's khaki school pants. The green polka dot (which is also on the back) is from a valance that I made for my Nana a couple years ago. I satin-stitched the binding and stitched one of my necklaces on for the border. I hung a little Celtic Knot pendant from the necklace clasp, which had been a gift to me from my DH. We are all gardeners, so I quilted some abstract roses to encircle us in our garden. The final piece measures 15" square, with each block measuring 5" square.
t-shirt quilt
t-shirt quilt
I made this quilt out of my husband's old college t-shirts for his birthday. I enjoyed being able to try out some new blocks (wonky stars, flying geese, asteriks) without being committed to making a whole quilt. Fabrics are Modern Meadow and Hope Valley with a few others thrown in. Overall I'm happy with how this turned out...I may steal it from him!

making quilts out of t shirts