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hong kong phooey t shirts
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  • Hong Kong is a live album by Jean Michel Jarre, and released in 1994 on Disques Dreyfus, licensed to Polydor.
  • formerly a Crown Colony on the coast of southern China in Guangdong province; leased by China to Britain in 1842 and returned in 1997; one of the world's leading commercial centers
  • A special administrative region on the southeastern coast of China, a former British dependency; pop. 6,850,000. The area comprises Hong Kong Island, ceded by China in 1841; the Kowloon peninsula, ceded in 1860; and the New Territories, additional areas of the mainland that were leased for 99 years in 1898. All were returned to China in 1997. Hong Kong has become one of the world's major financial and manufacturing centers
  • British Hong Kong refers to Hong Kong under British rule from 1841 to 1997.
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hong kong phooey t shirts - Phooey!
When a restless red-headed boy proclaims: "Nothing ever happens around here!" (And who hasn't heard that complaint at home?), he kicks a can and sets into motion a series of wonderfully hilarious slapstick events that happen behind him—and because of him. With elephants on parade, pirates around every corner, pies flying, and oranges on the loose, Rosenthal creates an adventure-filled world that is anything BUT boring! Kids will love the silly sounds that abound (Skree, Boing, Ploink), making Phooey! a feast for the eyes and ears.
Talented artist Marc Rosenthal presents a madcap tour-de-farce, with excitement and surprises on every page.

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Hong Kong City
Hong Kong City
This is the classic tourist and postcard view from the Peak Tower at the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. A lot went into getting this photo - we travelled across the river after the Symphony of Lights and got a taxi to the top of the peak which took about 20 minutes. Then we eventually found the Tram which we thought would take us to the top of the peak, not realising we were already at the top, and just needed to go into the Peak Tower Building to get to the viewing platform. So we paid for a single ticket down and ended up back where we got the taxi! I pleeded with the Chinese and they said if we buy another Tram ticket up and tickets for access to the viewing platform then we could come back down without paying for that again. I mean, atleast thats what I think he said so I paid it. Totally worth it though!!!! The view really was amazing - it was a coldish night and quite hazy, hence the red sky but made everything atmospheric! After returning to the lower Tram station (for the 3rd time), we got a taxi to the Ferry Station which unfortunately was now closed, so had to continue to the Subway to get to the other side of the river again. Then had to get another Taxi to the Hotel. Fun! Please click on the photo once to view Large - it looks better! I'd also like to mention how cheap the taxi's are - it cost the equivalent of ?4.50 for a 20 minute journey! The UK charges that for a 4 minute journey!
Hong Kong Skyline at Night
Hong Kong Skyline at Night
Here's another view of the city (east side). You can sort of make out the Hong Kong Convention Center here, though it's not lit up as well as the other buildings.

hong kong phooey t shirts
hong kong phooey t shirts
Hong Kong Phooey - The Complete Series
Hong Kong Phooey, a somewhat inept super-hero and a master of kung fu and marital arts is always on alert for crime. He gets tip-offs from the police station where he works as Penrod "Penry" Pooch, the mild mannered janitor. Whenever Penry overhears a call for help he quickly dives into a filing cabinet and changes into his karate outfit and then hops into his Phooeymobile. Despite his fallings, and thanks to Spot, his cat, Hong Kong Phooey always manages to save the day. He is a beloved superhero to all who know him. These 31 classic cartoons from Hong Kong Phooey are now available for the first time ever on DVD!

Fan-rrific! Hanna-Barbera's Hong Kong Phooey was the Saturday-morning cartoon answer to the mid-'70s martial-arts craze. Mild-mannered janitor Penry (voiced by Scatman Crothers) works in the police station alongside switchboard operator Rosemary (Kathy Gori) and beleaguered Sergeant Flint (Joe E. Ross), humans who never suspect that the diligent dog is actually "America's secret weapon against crime." Never mind that Hong Kong Phooey, although armed with his trusty book of kung fu and a Bond-meets-Wacky Races Phooeymobile, wouldn't even be able to get out of his quick-change file cabinet without a well-placed blow from his loyal cat, Spot (who's striped, naturally). The public is awed by him, Rosemary has a crush on him, and villains--including the Claw, the Giggler, Goldfisher, and the Gum Drop Kid--fear him, but no one notices that Hong Kong Phooey only succeeds through his own klutziness, Spot's help, or dumb luck. The two-DVD set (one single-sided, one double-sided) include all of the series' 31 episodes, though at only 11 minutes each, two of them were shown in its half-hour time slot. There's also a retrospective documentary, a storyboard of a complete episode run side-by-side with the final version, and commentary on three episodes by some of the original team: creative producer Iwao Takamoto and layout unit manager Willie Ito, and Warner animation producer-historian Scott Jeralds. Crothers also scatted the famous theme song: "Hong Kong Phooey, Number One super guy / Hong Kong Phooey, Quicker than the human eye / Chicky-chong chicky-chong / Chicky-chocky dooky-chong / Dooky-bop chop-choppin' / Da bow-wow-wow!" Hong Kong Phooey is harmlessly entertaining, about as harmless as Hong Kong Phooey was to bad guys everywhere. --David Horiuchi