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80th anniversary of the Surname SIMS WILLIAMS

posted 31 Dec 2012, 01:58 by James SW   [ updated 31 Dec 2012, 02:00 ]
From Tim SW : As I was looking through Uncle Guy's Pedigree, I noticed that the deed poll by which Temple, Hugh, Guy and Michael Sims Williams changed their surname from Williams to Sims Williams was made on 20 December 1932 and that therefore with all the other special dates in 2012, our family name has been going for 80 year tomorrow.  The Sims came from the need for the Frederick Williams' to have a different name from just Williams in chambers and Peepa chose Sims after his friend Mr Sims who was the Chief Inspector of Customs in London
Looking through Uncle Hugh's photograph albums, the best one I could find were the attached photos taken in 1962.Some of you may remember that in later days, whenever they were together a photo was taken.
With only Temple and Michael producing boys, there are now about 31 Sims Williams' inc 10 wives with 2 more next year!
Congratulations and may the tribe continue to flourish
James SW,
31 Dec 2012, 01:58