Timeline for "The Ekkos Clan"
  1. 15th July, 2013: Parul Gupta was the first buyer of the book. She bought it online from bookadda.com
  2. 12th July, 2013: I formally announced to the everyone about the availability of "The Ekkos Clan"
  3. 5th July, 2013: I received the first 5 copies of "The Ekkos Clan"
  4. 21st April, 2013: Typesetting completed and the book was ready for printing.
  5. 14th Feb, 2013: Niyogi Books sent me the first draft of the book after typesetting. I and Keerti start reviewing it. Some suggestions were made the resident editor of Niyogi Books and we made the suggested changes.
  6. 26th Dec, 2012: Sent the final edited draft of the book to Niyogi Books, who plans to bring it out by mid 2013. Keerti has done a wonderful job in plugging all the missing links and holes in the book, polishing the language, flow and continuity, and making it more easy to read. I myself was amazed at the amount of changes the book underwent over the past few months.
  7. 28th Aug, 2012: Got the Prologue and the first chapter from my editor - Keerti Ramachandra, who is, to my benefit, located in Bangalore. I've been interacting with her since April, and it's only lately that she has got chance to start working on my manuscript.
  8. 17th May, 2012: Finally there's some good news. I receive a mail from Kanishka (my agent) that I've got a publisher who has accepted my book. It's Niyogi Books (http://www.niyogibooks.com), a Delhi based publisher. Irrespective of the publishing house, lot of the success of a book from a first time author depends on the publicity, which has to be done by the author himself. Most of the big time authors had to 'sell' their books for a long time before they became popular. So the next herculean task to make an effective strategy to market the book, once it hits the stores sometime  next year (it takes 12-16 months from the time a book is selected). I've to again take your help and support to sell my book. Lot of things can be done in innovative ways and most authors are now using very innovative techniques to popularize, market their books.
  9. 8th Feb, 2012: Created another draft with all the suggestions made by Writers' Side. Hence forth I've to keep on working on the manuscript as Kanishka keeps on trying to get a publisher.
  10. 21st Jan, 2012: Received a very encouraging critique from Kanishka. He agrees to represent me, provided I do all the changes recommended by him.
  11. 4th Dec, 2011: Approached the literary agent Writers' Side run by Kanishka Gupta. Rejected, but agreed to do a critique.
  12. 3rd Dec, 2011: Formally started approaching publishers and getting prompt rejections at rate almost same as that of my submissions.
  13. 26th October, 2011: I'm so happy to let you know that I've achieved another milestone in the process of writing my book. Last year on this day, exactly on the day of Diwali, I completed the first draft of the novel. And this year, Debnita has completed revising the final draft with which I can approach the publishers. It took me just 5 months to write the first draft. But it took exactly a year to polish it and bring to the present form. When I look back I'm amazed at the changes that went through. And this has been possible only because of your inputs which I've taken very seriously.

    Now the next stage is not fully within my control. Nevertheless, I hope things will move, if not as fast as I wish, still in some way that won't frustrate me!! :)

  14. 22nd Sept, 2011: Completed my work on incorporating all the feedback from TLC. Reduced the size of the novel considerably. It's now under 100K words (299 pages), from 130K words (390 pages) previously, what you all would have read.
  15. 25th June, 2011: Started rewriting portions of chapters to incorporate TLC feedback.
  16. TLC Feedback
  17. 21st June 2011: Received feedback from TLC (The Literary Consultancy
  18. 9th May 2011: Sent the latest draft to TLC for a professional review.
  19. 26th April 2011: Debnita completed revising the first chapter.
  20. 21st Feb 2011: Major milestone achieved on this special day, the International Mother Language Day. Nothing could have been an more apt day to achieve a milestone, especially when my novel is also about Bengali peoples and also the Bengali language to a great extent. Completed a thorough revision and restructuring of the novel incorporating almost all the feedback received from all of you. I thought of each of the points mentioned by each of you and tried to address in some way or other. But there may be some work needed. The manuscript has gone for a proof reading. I'm lucky to get Debnita, quite a pro in this area who is also known to me very well. There were several feedback on the language and I'm sure all of those would be polished now. She will try to complete the task by May 2011. 
  21. Jan 2011: Started working on revising and restructuring of the novel based on the various feedback I've got.
  22. 6th Jan: Compiled all the feedback and published in this site
  23. 30th Dec 2010: Met at our place for the first time to have an open discussion with some of you. Lot of things came up in that discussion
  24. 6th Nov 2010: It was Diwali too and I achieved a major milestone. I completed the first draft of the novel
  25. July 2010: Started writing the novel
  26. 1st Jan 2010: That's the day when I started making the project planning for writing the novel. I treated the task as one of my projects and planned accordingly. Made a list of things that were still required to be researched and started thinking on the structure of the novel.
  27. June 2008: Might be that was when I first had the idea of writing a novel that would for sure have the partition riots in Bangladesh as the background.