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Welcome to my tutorial page.
I can teach you Hacking Skills and techniques in a more understanding simple way.

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How to Edit Collision types in Super Mario 64 :

To do this...(You can only do this with your Obj. files until I find out how to edit it on toad's Tool 64)
Anyway...First after you made your Obj file and Imported it into your folder....You need to open up the folder you put it in and "Open up the Obj.Files MTL file with Text documentary" . Once you have it open and stuff...find the texture you want to edit....For Example : "lava0001.png" . now under that texture you would put something under it to make that collision to work...So for lava it would be " collisionType 1 "  just like that and you would save and once you import it with frauber's Object Importer GUI . it will work....If you step on that lava you will BURN! so that would mean it worked....Also if you want all the collision types go to Frauber's Website Here .. >>>>

How to edit the music in SM64 :

to add music you must have tools cmd , insert_seq , and music .m64 files. thanks to Frauber . . Anyway your gonna want to get the command prompt so you are gonna go to the start menu and click My computer. then your gonna click  OS>Windows>System32>Command prompt and you're gonna right click and copy. then paste it in the same folder the insert_seq is in. now to get songs to put in the game is to get seq_rip from frauber' s web. and re copy cmd and paste it in the folder seq_rip is in. now get your extended Super Mario 64 rom and drag it in the SEQ_Rip file. Now your gonna rename your rom Mario.z64 and then run cmd and type in exactly this; "seq_rip mario.z64 Ox7BO86O" once you have done that it has rip all mario 64 sequences. Now drag the insert_seq program in the same folder the cmd , the rom , and seq_rip is in. then run cmd again and for a test type this in "insert_seq seq_18 mario.z64 02" then press enter and BOOM . your song has been inserted.

How to swap backgrounds in SM64:

Now this is pretty hard for people who just started hacking Mario 64. Now what you are gonna do first is download something called Cygnus hex editor. once you have. Load up toad's tool 64 and pick any level you want to swap backgrounds with. Okay. Now you are at your level now click the expert bar in the top left corner and once have , go down one and find this box with colors Red Green Blue Gray. Now scroll down with that and look for the 0x17 editor and click it. once have . Go down and look for number OO7 in hexidecimal form on toadstool and find the OxOA (HAO) and click it. once you have done that . look at the Rom adress in the bottom left corner in hexidecimal form and remember the numbers example : O454AF8 (Castle Grounds) now once you have that stored in your head it is time to open Cygnus hex editor and your gonna open your rom . Keep in mind to leave toad's tool 64 running while doing this. Now on Cygnus hex editor click edit then click go to : Type in the Rom adress hint hint example : 0454AF8 and click go. Now find the bankset start and here are all the backgrounds:

Haunted House = C3AFD5-C4F915 = 06
Cool Cool Mountain = B5D855-B7D995 = 04
Shifting Sand Land = C12E95-C32FD5 = 05
Bob-omb Battlefield = B35715-B55855 = 00
Snow Man's Land = B5D855-B7D995 = 04
Wet Dry World = BC2C15-BE2D55 = 02
Jolly Roger Bay = B85995-B9A2D5 = 08
Tiny Huge Island = B35715-B55855 = 00
Rainbow Ride = BEAD55-C0AE95 = 03
Castle Grounds = B35715-B55855 = 00
Bowser 1 Course = C57915-C77A55 = 07
Bowser's Fire Sea = BA22D5-BBAC15 = 01
Secret Aquarium = BEAD55-C0AE95 = 03
Bowser Third Course = C7FA55-C9FB95 = 09
Lethal Lava Land = BA22D5-BBAC15 = 01
Dire Dire Docks = B35715-B55855 = 00
Whomp's Fortress = BEAD55-C0AE95 = 03
Castle Courtyard = C3AFD5-C4F915 = 00
Wing Cap = BEAD55-C0AE95 = 03
Bowser First Battle = C57915-C77A55 = 07
Rainbow Clouds = BEAD55-C0AE95 = 03
Bowser Second Battle = BA22D5-BBAC15 = 01
Bowser Third Battle = C7FA55-C9FB95 = 09
Tall Tall Mountain = B35715-B55855 = 00

Now once your are at the slot then since example is castle grounds find the bankset start which is B35715 and it should look like this

That says the bankset start B35175 now you just change it to something else like the Lethal lava land one which is BA22D5 . Then the offset end is B55855 and this is where the offset end starts :

And the offset end for this is B55855 which is up there to for Castle grounds and we would replace it to BBAC15 (lethal lava lands ) offset end.

Now for the tricky part. click edit and click find and type in 19 00 00 xx 80 27

the xx stands for the two bankset offset numbers which for castle grounds is 00 which is up there as well. so you would type 19 00 00 00 80 27 and click find. then you will see a section like this:

See where it says 19 00 00 00 . now lethal lava lands would be 19 00 00 01 so if that's so. click the 3rd row 00 from 19 and replace it with the bankset offset number which would be 01 then click save and it is done. the project will look like this :

to this:

hope it helps.

Also a sneak peek found of Toad's tool 64 0.6 is found by me. There will be a section that will let you switch backgrounds. Here is what it looks like so far.

How to edit the ground type:

Now I would have to say this is the most simplest thing to do in toad's tool 64.

Okay. so you open up your extended rom with toad's tool 64. now go to the top left corner and click expert now scroll down the first menu and get to terrain type now take off hexidecimal for this. anyway , once you have took it off. Example: Castle Grounds Terrian type will say O. now here are all the terrians :





now your gonna hold the Alt. key and click on that number. Now replace it with any of these terrians and save and your done.

Hope it helps.

How to use Obj_Import.

Anybody stuck with this probably has no idea how to make Obj Wavefront files. is really easy .

1. you need to download Google Sketchup V. 7.1 ; Just type that in on google ; anyway......

2. once you have done that , Download Frauber's Obj Importer (Latest Version)

3. Now go on google again and type in PDX-POM. (Basically to unpatch the obj file.

4. Now you open up the Obj Importer File. And take the file obj_exporter.rb and drag it into the google skecthup plugin file.

5. Now you open google sketchup. Simple enough and make the design of the level.

6. Now look at the toolbar on top and find Plugins>Obj_Exporter.

7. Now click where you want to save and name it.

8. Once you do that , click the export button and wait......And soon it will say done.

9. Now you saved it. Now you are gonna drag your clean extended rom into ROM_EXPAND Program.

10. After that ; Load up PDX-POM and click Iso File

11. Once there change CD Images to ALL FILES. and click the extended rom.

12. Then Click Patch file and click the Obj File Patch.

13. Then click apply.

14. Now open up Obj Importer GUI .

15. click Obj. File and select your Obj Export file you made with google sketch-up .

16. Now click the extended Rom folder and choose the same extended rom that has been expanded and patched with the Obj_import patch.

17. then just choose your background, choose the type of area , And Click apply and your done. Enjoy

Note: More tutorials will be soon