ABS Signage

Show Your Support for our Community’s Youth on the Maranacook Community School Campus!

The Awesome Bear Society is pleased to invite you to promote your business and support our kid’s extra-curricular activities through the purchase of advertising on our athletic fields! For the first time, the school is allowing local businesses to advertise on our fields with signs promoting your services. The 8’ x 4’ signs will hang on a variety of locations specially selected for their great exposure to fans, students and community members attending athletic events, enjoying our grounds or practicing on our fields.

A football game, soccer game or track meet can draw as many as 500 people to a single event. Add all the sporting events, practices, leagues and casual use of the area and there are literally thousands of impressions for your business or message!

Your business’s sign can have your logo and slogan! Don’t have a sign design? No problem. We can connect you with a designer who can create your sign.

The Details


The most/best exposure is available on the tennis court fence but there are limited spaces to purchase! The best locations will be given to the businesses that join in early so don’t delay! From the tennis court fence, your business gets noticed during tennis matches, baseball games, middle school events, football games, track meets, softball games, field hockey games, and night soccer games, as well as during public use of the complex. This all adds up to exposure to thousands of people each year. Other premium visibility locations are on various buildings in the sports complex.


Signs will hang year round with the priority seasons being spring, summer and fall when the fields get the most use. Community use of the facilities for youth sports and general use adds great continuous exposure of your company as a supporter of the Maranacook Community School and our community. Your sign will also get exposure during baseball, field hockey, softball, and middle school sports events.


The signs will be 8’ wide x 4’ tall or 4’ x 4’ and are made of durable vinyl to last for years in excellent condition.

Your sign can include your logo and a slogan* and may use any colors (exact color matches may require an additional fee).You will need to supply us with an electronic file of your logo and/or art. The file must be a “vectorized” image that is less than 20 megabytes in size. If you would like ABS to design your layout, we can arrange that with our sign supplier for a fee. Art for your sign should be emailed to: peter@colorgraphics.me

Note: The signs will be the property and responsibility of the Awesome Bear Society. ABS will deal with any damage to the signs including replacement if necessary.


All this exposure is available to you for an annual fee. In order to make these signs a regular part of our campus, we are offering a 3 year renewable contract as well as the single year option. You may purchase your sign for a single year or lock in the pricing and location for up to 3 years. If you choose the 3 year option, we will bill you annually for the sign. We will be keeping an eye on the sign to be sure it “weathers well”. If it needs to be replaced, we will replace it at no cost to you.

ABS Signage Brochure

*ABS reserves the right to refuse a sign if it is deemed inappropriate for our campus. Awesome Bear Society is the booster club for athletics and activities at Maranacook Community School and is a 501C-3 non-profit organization.