Anna Gerber & Britt Iversen

Anna Gerber and Britt Iversen are the co-founders of Visual Editions--a London-based publishing house started in 2009 that specializes in what Gerber and Iversen describe as "visual writing." Here's a more detailed explanation of it from the Visual Editions website:
"The way we think about visual writing is this: writing that uses visual elements as an integral part of the writing itself. Visual elements can come in all shapes and guises: they could be crossed out words, or photographs, or die-cuts, or blank pages, or better yet something we haven’t seen. The main thing is that the visuals aren’t gimmicky, decorative or extraneous, they are key to the story they are telling. And without them, that story would be something altogether different."

The company's latest book is Jonathan Safran Foer's die-cut release, Tree of Codes. If you haven't seen it...well, see how other people responded when they saw it for the first time.