23-24 Mar / PORTAL, Science of Sound, World Science Festival, QPAC
13 Mar / HHAARRPP, supporting HANG MASSIVE, Max Watt's, West End
25 Feb / PLAYROOM, with Emma Wilson & Denise Comba, Supercell Dance Festival, Judith Wright Centre
19 Feb / HHAARRPP, Earth Frequency Festival, Ivory Rock
18 Feb / MESMERISM ZONE featuring HHAARRPP, THEATRE OF THUNDER and more, Yonder Festival, The Tivoli
15 Feb / HHAARRPP & JNXYZInfinite Dusk, live music + projected film, Brisbane Powerhouse, Brisbane Street Art Festival
12 Feb / HUMMER, DRUMMER, Small Black Box, East Brisbane
20 Jan / HHAARRPP, Dark Forest party, Coorparoo
15 Jan / HHAARRPP, Music+Drawing, Slingshot Bar, Fortitude Valley


11 Dec / HHAARRPP & JNXYZ, Infinite Dawn, live music + projected film, Metro Arts Brisbane
3 Dec / FLUTTER SPLUTTER at OscilloScape IV, Alchemix
25-27 Nov / MESMERISM ZONE featuring HHAARRPP, THEATRE OF THUNDER and more, at Jungle Love Festival
20 Nov / PLAY DATE studio session with HHAARRPP and dancers, hosted by Prying Eye
15 Nov / HHAARRPP and dancers in studio session, hosted by TasDance Launceston
5 Nov / THEATRE OF THUNDER with ZOE PORTER, Into the Swamp, POP Gallery, End of The Line Festival 
4 Nov / THEATRE OF THUNDER, Surreal Flesh, Butoh Intensive Festival, Raw Studios Brisbane
29 Oct / HHAARRPP at Intergalactic Halloween party, Coorparoo
23 Oct / PORTAL at Submergency, Spring Hill Baths, Brisbane ARI Festival
19 Oct / THEATRE OF THUNDER with Kellie O'Dempsey, Lightening Field, Brisbane ARI Festival
1-15 Oct / SUPER CRITICAL MASS residency at Grand Central Art Centre, Los Angeles
21 Sept / TURNING THE TABLES with Julian Day, Q Hotel opening, Melbourne
19 Sept / REVERB LAB, Qld Museum walk way
17 Sept / THEATRE OF THUNDER, Sinking Sun, at Logical Unsanity, Bardon
11 Sept / PLAY DATE studio session with HHAARRPP and dancers, hosted by Prying Eye 
1-3 Sept / SUPER CRITICAL MASS, Moving Collected Ambience, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney
12 Aug / SPLITTER SPLATTER at OscilloScape III, Alchemix
7 Aug / SUPER CRITICAL MASS workshop at Bathurst Sings, Bathurst NSW
31 July / PORTAL + FLOOR CHOIR at Wok(in) group exhibition, BusyBrick ARI
28 July / HHAARRPP at Big Dead's EP Launch, The Foundry
24 July / THEATRE OF THUNDER, Into the Rabbit Hole, Burrow Cafe, West End
24 July / HHAARRPP, Dream Garden, West End 
19 July / Symposium panelist, Confluence: Femmel Fissions Symposium, QUT Creative Precinct
19 June / SPLITTER SPLATTER at Pony Land, Nimbin
18 June / HHAARRPP at Renew Fest, Mullumbimby
6-9 June / curation of SONIC STATE festival of experimental music spaces, Qld Week, Metro Arts
14 May / SPLITTER SPLATTER at OscilloScape II, Alchemix
1 May / HHAARRPP at Dream Garden, Wilston
17 April / HHAARRPP with James Scott, How To Become The Space Around You, RNDL Studios, Nimbin
16 April / PORTAL at Sonic Ritual De Lo Habitual, warehouse space Mullumbimby
15 April / HHAARRPP at Spinifex, Mullumbimby
19 March / HHAARRPP at Gym Sessions, Redstar Warehouse West End 
13 March / HHAARRPP at Water-Fire-Forest-Forever, Mitchelton Brisbane
26 Feb / TRANCE PIANO at APAM, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
22 Feb / HHAARRPP at Roving Conspiracy, West End
20-21 Feb SUPER CRITICAL MASS public workshops, Asia Pacific Triennial, GOMA
12 Feb / THEATRE OF THUNDER + HHAARRPP at Brisbane Street Art Festival, Jugglers Art Space
06 Feb / SUPER CRITICAL MASS teacher workshop, Asia Pacific Triennial, GOMA
30-31 Jan / SUPER CRITICAL MASS public workshops, Asia Pacific Triennial, GOMA
15-17 Jan / THEATRE OF THUNDER pop up performances, Re:Location, various sites, Brisbane
Jan / THEATRE OF THUNDER creative development at 2High Festival, Metro Arts, Brisbane


16 Dec / TRANCE PIANO at Piano. Sound. And Beyond with Momo Hamada, Brisbane
27-29 Nov / MESMERISING LOVE including PORTAL and HHAARRPP at Jungle Love Festival, Noosa hinterland
22 Nov / SUPER CRITICAL MASS performance-installation with bells, Asia Pacific Triennial, GOMA, Brisbane
Nov-Apr / SUPER CRITICAL MASS exhibition at Asia Pacific Triennial, GOMA, Brisbane
03 Oct - 01 Nov / SUPER CRITICAL MASS at Art And About, City of Sydney
29 Sept - 12 Oct / BLACK BOX EIGHT at Fcklty of Controlled Chaos, group show, Articulate Project Space, Sydney
19 Sept / BLACK BOX FOUR and PING PING at Montage_and_the_Polychord, CORFLUTE, Brisbane 
26-30 Aug / PIANO SYMPOSIUM including TRANCE PIANO at Festival of Slow Music, Ballarat
23 Aug / THUNDER CLOUD at Pretty Gritty, Sydney
Jul-Aug / THEATRE OF THUNDER creative development at Metro Arts, Brisbane
08-10 May / MESMERISM: AUTUMN FESTIVAL including SUB TERROR and SPATIAL BEAT MATRIX at Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
03 May / DEEPER MINIMALISM including PORTAL FLOOR CHOIR at The Walls Art Space, Miami Gold Coast
12 Apr / HHAARRPP electro-hypnotica party, Stores Studio Brisbane Powerhouse
11 Apr / TRANCE PIANO TRIO with Seamus Kirkpatrick and James Scott, RNDL Studio Nimbin
09 Apr / HHAARRPP at Cementa Festival, Kandos
21-22 Mar / HHAARRPP and PORTAL at Ill-Advised Night Out, You Are Here festival, Canberra
20-22 Feb / MESMERISM: SUMMER FESTIVAL including TRANCE PIANO and PORTAL at Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
Feb-May / FRESH GROUND RESIDENCY at Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane
10 Jan / TRANCE PIANO and PORTAL at 2High Festival, Brisbane
09 Jan / HHAARRPP at 2High Festival, Brisbane


14 Dec / PORTAL: RE-SOUNDING HOUSE at Old Government House, Brisbane
03 Dec / PORTAL: TAKE OFF ZONE at Unstable Landings at The Bearded Lady, Brisbane
30 Nov / HHAARRPP at Laura Street Festival, Highgate Hill 
29 Nov / PORTAL at Room60, Brisbane
28 Nov / HHAARRPP at Smorgasbord, Clarence Corner Bookstore, Brisbane
25 Nov / LUKE JAANISTE PRESENTS... including HHAARRPP with Adam Simmons and PORTAL at Conduit Arts, Melbourne
22-23 Nov / SUPER CRITICAL MASS workshops with Federation Handbells, at MPavilion, Melbourne
13 Nov / HHAARRPP at Wandering Cooks, Brisbane
02 Nov / curated ECHOoOOoOOOo and performed HHAARRPP at Old Government House, Brisbane
19 Oct / PORTAL: SUPERNOVA SUNDAY at Old Government House, Brisbane
27 Aug / digital album release PORTAL: BRING ON THE SUPERNOVA 
21 Aug / PORTAL: TIME (TO EARTH) at House Re-Wired, Brisbane Fringe Festival
09 Aug / SUB TERROR at Brisbane Experimental Arts Festival
27 June / PORTAL at ArtBar, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney
14-15 June / SUPER CRITICAL MASS with vocalists at Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney
10 June / PORTAL (ROOM, TO BOOM) at Qld Conservatorium, in collaboration with Ba Da Boom Percussion
31 May / TRANCE PIANO at Mesmerism, Upstairs @ 199 West End Brisbane
29 May / 100 Futures Residency at Kelvin Grove State College
10 May / TRANCE PIANO at Drawn in a Shared Ambience, Tina Beh home studio
06 May / Facilitator at Rhizome Symposium, Brisbane
06 May / short-listed presentation for G/LISTEN at Innovation Award 2014, Brisbane City Council
05-09 May / 100 Futures Residency at Kelvin Grove State College
30 Apr / SUPER CRITICAL MASS with drummers at Aurora Festival, Parramatta Sydney
12 Apr / TRANCE PIANO combined with lounge-room drawing party at Beh home studio, Brisbane
06 Apr / PORTAL (TIME, TO DREAM), extended 8hr performance-installation at Real Bad Dream House, Brisbane
04 Apr / research presentation on ambient experience, Interaction Design Lab, University of Melbourne
04 Apr / SUPER CRITICAL MASS artist talk at AGIdeas Conference, Melbourne Arts Centre
01 Apr / PROPAGATIONS at Make It Up Club, Melbourne
27 Mar / PORTAL (INTO THE COSMOS) performance-installation at The Walls Contemporary Arts Space, Gold Coast
07 Mar / PORTAL (TIME, TO SUBMERGE) installation at Metro Arts Basement Space, Brisbane
20 Feb / PORTAL (NOCTURNAL) performance at Metro Arts Car Park, Pop Up Club, Brisbane
17 Jan / PORTAL (AWAKENING) performance-installation, Art & Design Precinct, West End Brisbane


24 Nov / PORTAL (SUB HOUSE) at Laura Street Festival, Highgate Hill
21 Oct / PORTAL (BREAKING THE SOUND BARRIER) 4hr live performance, Sound Barrier, Radio PBS FM, Melbourne
19 Oct / TURNING THE TABLES performance with Julian Day at Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne
04 Oct / GOOD VIBRATIONS including PORTAL and PROPAGATIONS at Common Ground, Newcastle
02 Oct / ELEVEN ELEPHANTS at Peppertown Arts, Newcastle
30 Sept / PORTAL (HERE, WE ARE NOW) installation at Churchkey Espresso, Newcastle
29 Sept / ELEVEN ELEPHANTS at The Backyard Bus, Newcastle
19 Sept-08 Oct / BACKYARD BUS RESIDENCY, Newcastle
03 Sept / SUPER CRITICAL MASS with brass at Library of Birmingham, UK
01 Sept / curation of AUDIO POLLEN, West End Brisbane and premiered the PROPAGATIONS project
26 Aug / finalist with SUPER CRITICAL MASS, Excellence in Experimental Music, Australian Art Music Awards
03-04 Aug / SUPER CRITICAL MASS "SOUNDLAND" performances at Underbelly Festival, Cockatoo Island Sydney
03 Aug / artist panel "Art Has Left The Building" at Underbelly Festival, Cockatoo Island Sydney
28 Jul-02 Aug / UNDERBELLY LAB RESIDENCY with Super Critical Mass at Cockatoo Island, Sydney
27 Jul / PORTAL (RED) installation and PORTAL (BLUE) performance-installation with Dawn Albinger, Suzon Fuks, Cathy Hunt, Lynette Lancini and Julie Robson at BEAF (Brisbane Emerging Art Festival), JWCOCA, Brisbane
06 Jul-1 Sept / SUPER CRITICAL MASS multi-channel video installation "Pivotal (from me to you and back)" at CUSP: Design into the Next Decade, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney
05 Jul / SUPER CRITICAL MASS performance at opening of CUSP: Design into the Next Decade, Casula Powerhouse
14 Jun / SUPER CRITICAL MASS performance of "Glow" at THE LISTENING MUSEUM, Paddington Uniting Church, curated by Ensemble Offspring and Clocked Out
10 June / DROne FOcusing at Pine Community School, Arana Hills
20-24 May / MUSIC IN SPACE program for Dads in School, Dunoon Primary School, Northern Rivers NSW
11 May / PORTAL PARTY at James and Suzon's house, Brisbane
10+17 Apr / DROne FOcusing research forum at Igneous Studios, Brisbane
Mar-Jun / DROne FOcusing RESIDENCY at Girl Guides Hut and Patten Park, The Gap