Aweber or Get Response - Which is Best?

aweber vs getresponse
With so many web marketers stressing on the significance of email marketing for skyrocketing their affiliate programs and incomes, many webmasters and bloggers are also relying on email marketing to get traffic. To make email marketing easier, they are depending on email marketing tools.

AWeber and GetResponse are two such marketing tools that can help you make your marketing so much easier. Here in this article, we are presenting fair details about both AWeber and GetResponse marketing tools so that you can decide the right one for your marketing requirements.

AWeber vs GetResponse – Ease Of Use

Both these services are easy to use. However, AWeber’s interface is slightly better, and makes its usage easier even for a beginner. It has a neat dashboard, and overall its learning edge is very short.

You can find numerous options when you login to your AWeber account. You can choose whatever you would like to do without having to going through each and every option. You can also find a progress bar in your AWeber account that lets you know about your progress as well as about the remaining steps. AWeber also presents guides and videos that will make your work much easier.

On the other hand, GetResponse also comes with easy-to-use features. One of its most important features is Drag and Drop Email Creator. It makes composing emails just a breeze and helps you save so much of time and trouble. Another feature called Built-in Inbox Preview of GetResponse lets you see the previews of the composed emails.

AWeber vs GetResponse – Opt-in Forms

Many reviews skip discussing the most important feature of email marketing tools called opt-in forms. In order to have great chances of having a visitor to subscribe to your list, your email marketing tool should have a good opt-in form.

Both GetResponse and AWeber have good opt-in forms. Still, AWeber has more appealing and attractive opt-in forms. AWeber offers about 1500 opt-in forms, whereas GetResponse offers only about 100 opt-in forms. AWeber also offers you the choice of split test forms that let you find out the best performing opt-in forms for you.

AWeber vs GetResponse – Email Deliverability

When it comes to another significant feature, email deliverability, both AWeber and GetResponse perform the same way. Both of them claim and offer about 99% email deliverability rate. The email deliverability option finds out whether or not any spam elements are present in the mails that you send. When you use either of these email delivering services, their spam checkers check your emails automatically and assign a spam score to them so that you can find out whether your emails will be marked as Spam by different ISPs.

AWeber vs GetResponse – Marketing Campaign Tracking

While opting for email marketing services, tracking and find tuning the campaigns is must, because main purpose of email marketing is about enhancing the user engagement, which can be done only through tracking your campaign results and knowing about the things that you have to progress.

Both these email marketing services posses the latest tracking services that allow you allocate a code to your emails and tracking about them such as their open rate, delivery rate, number of sales, click-through rate, and so on.

GetResponse allows you to segment your email list as per your subscribers’ responsiveness. Also, both these services let you use the feature called Geographical Segmentation through which you can section your subscribers list according to their geographic location and send emails accordingly.

GetResponse offers an impressive tracking feature called Advanced Social Sharing Tracking. It provides essential information on who is sharing your email content on different social networking media. It also has a Time Travel feature, which lets you send emails at the local time of the recipient just with a single click.

AWeber vs GetResponse – Support

Support is one of the important factors when coming to Email Marketing services. Both AWeber and GetResponse are offering various supporting tools such as guides, tutorials, webinars, live chat, and videos. These supporting tools are sufficient for even a newbie to learn more about email marketing.

You can contact them via Live Chat for any instant solution. Otherwise, you can go through their other supporting tools to find out the answer for your queries.

In addition to the above mentioned tools, AWeber is offering a comprehensive blog too where you can find so many articles that can offer quality information on how to succeed email marketing, and so on with tips and case studies from professional web marketers.

Aweber vs Getresponse – Pricing

Most individuals usually look for the lowest priced services. However, you should also consider the quality too when choosing a product or service. As email marketing helps you make huge money through potential marketing, you should not really worry about spending a little more on the service that offers more features and better quality service. You should always opt for the best when coming to Email Marketing.

Below is the table on the pricing of both AWeber and GetResponse marketing services. It is clear from the table that GetResponse offers its services at a slightly lower price when compared to AWeber.





0 - 250



251 - 500




501 - 1000



1001 - 2500



2501 - 5000



5001 - 10000



10001 - 15000



15001 - 25000



25001 - 50000

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AWeber vs GetResponse - Conclusion

All the features of both AWeber and GetResponse have been discussed comprehensively in the above paragraphs, and you can find out yourself that there is no much difference between both the Email Marketing services. Both of these services are great in terms of service as well as features. Both of them have great features that can help you succeed in your Email Marketing campaign without having to waste your time. Overall, both of them are good for your Email Marketing campaigns, and you will be sure to achieve success by opting for either of them.