AWDRA Listing Requirements

1.  You must have an outdoor pigeon loft or pigeon house and at least a dozen trained white homing pigeons.
2.  You agree to conduct your white dove releases in accordance with the White Dove Release Standards of the American White Dove Release Association.  
3.  You agree to screen the individuals who seek to acquire your homing pigeons to make sure that white homing pigeons are placed in good homes.  You may not sell white homing pigeons or white ring neck doves for use in target practice.  You reserve the right to refuse sales or service to anyone.
4.  You agree to assist the public in identifying and rescuing stray or injured white ring neck doves and white homing pigeons in your area.
5.  You agree to provide some free or discounted white dove releases to worthy causes in your service area upon request if it is feasible to schedule the event and creates goodwill in the community.
6.  Please complete and submit the AWDRA Listing Request Form.  Please allow 14 days to process your request.
If you have any questions about membership, please send us an e-mail at .

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