/Speech/ Signal Processing

Awaz is Voice in Hindi!
You will find things associated with Speech Signal Processing ;-)

Innovista 2015    

  • Knowledge-based Framework for Emotion Recognition (Presentation)   
Useful Stuff
  • Demonstrations
    • Non-linguistic Analysis of Call Center Conversation (Animation)
    • Visual Subtitles (Details)
    • Accessible Video for Hearing Impaired (Details)
    • Speech Enabled Mandi Bhav (Details)
    • Voice Enabled Self Help System (Video: Desktop, Video:Mobile)
    • Natural Language Speech Interface (Video)
    • Real Time Speaking Rate (English | Hindi)
    • Keyword Spotting in News (English | Bangla)
    • Digitization of Photo Articulation Test - Hindi (Details)
  • Android Apps
    • Rail JankariSpeechCorpus
    • SpeakRite
    • AudioEmotion
  • Little Things
    • Transliteration Tool
  • Dataset
    • Malayalam Handwritten Character (Data)
    • Travelling Salesman Problem (Data)
    • Best Sell Market (Data)
    • Utterances for Building Speaker Sheets (Data)
    • Speech corpus for Hindi and Indian English (Details)