A Way Home is a response to the 2XCreative movement started by Kyle Cassidy in May 2009. Maud and Wendy were randomly paired and given the task of creating something together. They decided on a conversation of sorts, making photo & word portraits of people living in a fictional apartment complex they named Way Home. The idea is loosely inspired by Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters, in which people from the fictional town of Spoon River deliver their autobiographical epitaphs. The title of the project is adapted from Way Oma, a roadside motel in Seymour, Tennessee.

Maud and Wendy set out to launch with ten portraits. Wendy would “start” five people with words. Maud would take their pictures in response. In turn, Maud would “start” another five people with photos, and Wendy would finish with the words. 

They stuck to the plan. Here are the results so far.