Steiner Toys Australia

steiner toys australia
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12" mocha skin tone waldorf doll
12" mocha skin tone waldorf doll
I just sent this lovely doll off to Australia yesterday! She was custom made with mocha skin tone, espresso brown long hair of 100% cotton, espresso brown eyes, and a cotton knit hoodie and flannel dress that is quite simple and can be used as a nightgown when not paired with the hoodie. She is named Grace after her new mommy's middle name (a tradition started by my daughter actually) and is 12" tall. Janel's Rainy Day Toys
Steiner Panorama
Steiner Panorama
Steiner - Norway. A panorama stitched from two scanned prints taken from an Express Ferry, Northern Norway. This is Steiner, to the North of Bodo, on the Express Ferry service from Bodo to Svolv?r, Lofoten Islands.

steiner toys australia
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