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  • Happyland is satirical novel written by J. Robert Lennon about a town in upstate New York that is taken over by a killer dog.
  • Happyland is the second album by Swedish singer Amanda Jenssen, who finished second in Idol 2007. It was released on October 28, 2009. The first single off the album was the title track "Happyland" and it was released September 28, 2009 and entered the Swedish Singles chart at number 3.
  • Happyland was an Australian band, whose music is best described as "pop but a little punky". They were composed of Spiderbait's bassist/vocalist Janet English and her boyfriend of the time, Quan Yeomans from Regurgitator and were originally intended to be named "The Shits", but decided on Happyland.
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SKSW11d26 Happyland Roads, Saskatchewan 2011
SKSW11d26 Happyland Roads, Saskatchewan 2011
Road leading east to the Rosenthal Cemetery in the Rural Municipality of Happyland. It was not much of a road and appeared to peter out into sand and flooded fields; so I used some discretion and left it for another day. The red fence on the right is for a natural gas compression station. There are some Rosenthal memorial markers on Highway 21 but they must be almost 20 km in the other direction. Saskatchewan in April 2011.
Amplificados: Olivia de Happyland en el Espacio Hall del Teatro Lara
Amplificados: Olivia de Happyland en el Espacio Hall del Teatro Lara
Olivia de Happyland en directo en el Espacio Hall del Teatro Lara de Madrid, en el show perteneciente al ciclo de conciertos Amplificados organizado por el Teatro Lara y

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