Best Toys For 9 Month Old Girl. Best Toys For 5 Year Old Boy

Best Toys For 9 Month Old Girl

best toys for 9 month old girl
    old girl
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    9 month
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Thanks to a_birds_eye_video/Terry for tagging me! I didn't know if I'd do it, but it was fun! (^o^)/ Lots of people have been tagged, sorry if you've already been! So here are my 25 facts ^^ 1. I've loved dolls since like forever. I remember that in kindergarten, I absolutely wanted a growing hair Bella doll (the french Tressy) for Christmas. 2. It regularly happened that I liked my sister's presents more than mine, and that I tried to deal with her after that! 3. As a child I used to draw a lot, mostly paper dolls, or cartoon inspired characters, and make my own toys with whatever I had, like chestnuts or deco remains. 4. At the age of 4 I had a swing accident (received it in the face) and I still have a scar on my left cheek (but I usually never think about it ^^) 5. I grew up in the country, but went to school to the city besides because my parents were working there, so I had both of the 2 worlds. 6. I live in a seashore city on the french Riviera, but I never go to the beach. 7. I'm totally scared by snakes, but I don't really know why. 8. When I was very young (4 or 5 years old maybe) I saw an excerpt from 'Jaws' on daytime TV (the moment with the dog and the kid), and I had nightmares for years because of that. 9. I love dancing and I have lots of fun in nightclubs. But I like to have space, so I'm usually on some podium or above place! ^,^ 10. It's only recently that I found out there were many other male dolls collectors over the world! I don't know any other one in real life, but I would love to! 11. Sailor Moon was a revelation to me! It was exactly the kind of thing I was willing to work on! 12. Now I'm working on a french comics about magical girls and a paper doll web browser game. 13. I'm also designing characters for gay parties flyers that take place in Paris. 14. But I never had time to attend to any one of them yet! (I live in south of France, so it's quite far away). Next month should be my first! 15. I didn't get any real vacation since 2 years (only a few long week-ends). But that's ok, where I live is a great place with plenty to do ^^ 16. I like wearing glasses, but I usually remove them when going out (except to the movies of course ^^) 17. I've been lucky enough to meet a lot of extraordinary people. One of them is even my best friend. 18. I love going to the gym. Body Jam or Body Step classes are amongst my favorites, as you don't have to wait until the week-end to dance and have fun! 19. Most of my CDs are dance music. 20. I love ballet especially the XIXth century ones. The first one I saw was 'Swan Lake' in London, at the Royal Albert Hall, and I'll never forget it. 21. One of my all-time favorite movie is 'Saturday Night Fever'. 22. My current favorite dolls are Dynamite Girls (and any other IT dolls in fact!), Jenny/Licca, Barbie Fashionistas and Monster High. But there are so many dolls, so little time! 23. One of my biggest problem in life is that days are far too short! 24. I love Flickr and seeing so many awesome doll pictures almost every day (I must have more than 1000 favorites already ^^). 25. I discovered a lot of new dolls while coming here. I didn't know the Dynamite Girls before, and had not bought any new dolls in a long time, but it was impossible to resist with all the gorgeous pics here!
I Was Tagged A Long Time A Go By Zolar
I Was Tagged A Long Time A Go By Zolar
1, the kindest guy you'l ever meet !! 2, first shag was with my best friends sister when i was 18, she was 20 and hot!! 3,my first car was a crappy old vauxhall astra 1.4 4,my first kiss was with a girl in my class at high school, i was aged 12 and it was weird but i still fancied her 5,my first time on sl was very interesting and horny but i soon settled down (not)! 6,when i became a vampire in sl it was so scary i thought everyone was out to get me lol.......heard rumours vampire hunters where on the loose!!! 7, my first time doing a 69 in real was with Jill ,,fuck shes good 8,first real bdms toys 3 months ago, and im blaming sl for this fantastic idea.. wow!! 9,the first time i realised i was really in love(in rl) was with guess who???? yip Jill xxx

best toys for 9 month old girl
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