Experts memories/2

We desperately needed a fashion show for Galavision and MadeleineLopez Silvero
-who used to call him Darinito (little Darino) -
called him asking, really begging ordering him, to find such property.

As the deadline was on top of us Madeleine suggested Ed to shoot something for us
but he has never done fashion
so he accepted only if "he could do whatever he wanted to".
When we screened the first two episodes, they were terrific and we send him a year contract
which we renewed for as long as we stayed in the Network.
Raul Diaz. VP Galavision.

" La Moda al Dia - Fashion Next" was a vehicle for Ed's creativity.
While others just taped the models on the runway he combined - integrated
the models with his visual effects and tested all he could imagine,
from split screens to negative and positive images to time warps, stop motion,
you name it. It was one of our top shows.
He was then invited to lay out the look not only of shows but networks. 
Gabriel Diaz. VP Syndication International.

I knew Ed through Sal Malino, who used his camera service.

At the time we were looking for new effects for "Star Trek".

ED was doing the star fields for our teaser, and
he came up with a trick
by sandwiching the high contrast kodaliths on an opal glass under the camera, and
…a "glow" came out!!

Today the glow is part of the film grammar and the special effects tools.
Barry Rappaport. Producer.

There are no words to say what ED did for us, over 500 trailers and teasers,
English and French versions, logos and opening presentations… you name it, for
Hollywood Stars, The Magic Night, Biographies, Blockbusters.
Harriette Bradfor. Hollywood Blockbusters.

El Gran Estreno released in the US 62 films made by RTVE, Spain on a weekly basis.
Ed took care of the television version and was conscientious on every trim,
insisting the original was respected and the message kept intact.
Brad Abrams. VP. Production.

Ed is not only an exceptionally talented producer, editor, animator
but also an incredible fellow,
always in good humor and helping the crew and talent
get through the toughest moments.

This award is well deserved.

Daniel Betz. Imagination on Film.