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This is an honorary award of career achievement

that recognizes creative excellence, technical innovation and
outstanding accomplishments in Digital Animation.


The ADA award honors exemplary creativity, technology and outstanding contributions to education.

Eduardo (ED) Darino has worked very hard through his career, and we are proud of his contribution to the evolution of animation through his
Copymotion Xerox-Animation process in the 80's, his Special Effects Library in the 90's, his contribution to the Tapless-Camera as the streaming video was only a promise in the world wide web, and his work during the past years in animation at the pixel level, with real time particles.

The Award was initiated ten years ago at the turn of the Century.
Our members invited specialists on the field to propose artists and we monitored for the past several years the progress of each finalist. The project requires comments from multiple sources, colleagues, professionals in multiple aspects, former students, former clients requesting consideration and evaluation on exemplary work, innovative technology projects and results related to industry and education.

J.Andreoletti                            Tom Brat
ADA Awards Chair.                    ADA President