AdWords API Q2 2014 Workshops

We're pleased to announce that the AdWords API Workshops are coming back for another round in April and May of 2014. Register now!

Workshop topics include:

  • Shopping campaigns - how to use the new campaign type

  • MCC scripts - the now open to public Beta feature that was most requested

  • FeedServices updates - including the new location extensions setup

  • Targeting types - DSAs, DomainSetting and AutoTagging

  • Analytics - getting started with the Analytics API

  • Bid Estimation - the different ways to estimate bids using the API

The workshops are a great way for you to meet with and ask questions of the Google AdWords API team in person. This is also a key occasion for members of the community to bring their feedback directly to us. It’s also a great opportunity for you to exchange ideas and best practices with fellow developers.

We are inviting you to join us in the following cities:

  • London, UK, April 29

  • Hamburg, Germany, May 13 (full, closed)

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 15 (full, closed)

  • New York City, USA, May 5 (full, closed)

  • San Francisco, USA, May 12 (full, closed)

  • Shanghai, China, May 20 (in Chinese) (full, closed)

  • Taipei, Taiwan, May 22 (in Chinese) (full, closed)

  • Delhi, India, May 26 (full, closed)

  • Sydney, Australia, May 29


The Workshops in the USA and Europe are technical in nature and best suited to developers. Those in China and Taiwan will have additional sessions accessible to a broader audience, including non-developers.