AWANA事工成立於1950年。它是一個國際性以聖經爲基礎的為兒童與青少年設立的事工。AWANA由英文:Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed 缩写而成,其义靈感源自提摩太後书2章15節。

五家的AWANA事工於2005年開啓,迄今已进入第十四年头了。每周五晚7:30 - 9:30活動。我們有三個團隊,3-5嵗的Cubbies,K-2年級的Sparks和3-6年級的T&T。参加的兒童超過千人。參與過服事的成人和青少年(LIT:Leader in Training)有几百人。



Parents and coworkers, you are encouraged to visit the following links to understand AWANA program more:

Notice of Absence (Attention !)

AWANA clubber (student) and AWANA coworker, teacher, LIT need to submit Notice of Absence form before THURSDAY 6:00 PM if you or your child can not attend AWANA program that week.

  • Submit Notice of Absence for Coworker, Teacher, and LIT, please click here!
  • Submit Notice of Absence for AWANA clubber (student), please click here!

Student Rules

  • AWANA starts at 7:30pm each Friday
  • Wear uniform, name tag, and proper shoes
  • Follow “5 Count” and “3 Count”
  • No cell phone or electronic gaming machine
  • Absolutely No bullying, fighting, quarreling, teasing, and harassment
  • Follow instructions given by teachers and leaders during book time and game time
  • Eating is ONLY allowed in fellowship hall and need to clean up after finishing
  • No running at all time within church building (except game time)
  • Keep right and keep quiet while walking on the stairways


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