Alexis Walckiers' webpage
A (work in progress) page where I plan to post some papers and scientific projects



To know a little more about me, feel free to take a look at my CV.

I am now working for Oxera where I am mainly involved in financial regulation and competition projects (examples of projects include Insurance guarantee schemes, the takeover of ABN-Amro by Fortis and advice on spectrum auctions)

I hold a PhD in economics from Ecares-ULB entitled Three essays on the Economics of Science and Higher Education (advisor Mathias Dewatripont)


Papers published in economics journals

§      Mulitdimensional Contracts with Task-Specific Productivities: An Application to Universities, International Tax and Public Finance, 2008, 15: 165–198.

(republished in Higher education in a globalized world: governance, competition and performanceM. DewatripontF. Thys-Clément and L. Wilkin (eds)Bruxelles: Editions de l’Université de Bruxelles, 2008)

§      Pricing of Scientific Journals and Market Power (joint work with M. Dewatripont, V. Ginsburgh and P. Legros), Journal of the European Economic Association, April–May 2007, 5(2–3): 400–410.

(previously circulated as CORE Discussion Paper 2007/22) 

Papers published in the grey literature

§      Edition scientifique et pouvoir de marché (joint work with M. Dewatripont, V. Ginsburgh and P. Legros), forthcoming in Les publications scientifiques : analyses et perspectives. Schöpfel J. (ed.), Paris : Hermes Science, 2008.

§       What means rich in publishing? Competition between for-profit and not-for-profit publishers from an economist’s point of view, Information Services and Use, 28(2): 113-119.

§       A Microeconomic perspective on the production of Science and Higher Education, forthcoming in Reflets et Perspectives de la Vie Economique.

§       The Economic and Technical Evolution of the Scientific Publication Markets in Europe (joint work with M. Dewatripont, V. Ginsburgh, P. Legros for ECARES and J.-P. Devroey, M. Dujardin, F. Vandooren, P. Dubois, J. Foncel, M. Ivaldi and M.-D. Heusse), report published by DG Research, European Commission.


Work in progress

§      The Market for Scientific Journals: Pricing and Entry, work in progress ECARES, October 2007