the next stage in human communication


can be defined as completely feeling another persons emotions/state of mind and physical state. A person with a spiritual gift of empathy may, for example, suddenly have horrible panic attacks and fear for no reason, to be called a minute later and told a friend has just had a heart attack. With empathy one can feel another's pain, even if they are laughing and smiling. They can tell if someone is ill or mourning. They can directly feel what another is feeling.

Empathic intuition is not known to the person who is being received. 


is direct transference of thought from one person (sender or agent) to another (receiver or percipient) without using the usual sensory channels of communication.  With a sender and receiver both open, direct, now-time communication is possible but this generally occurs between one telepathic person and a child, animal or plant (as they are more open). The biggest frustration for those who have opened the realms of telepathy is being able to talk with another mind, without them talking back. After much concern personally about being able to have telepathic conversations with people who had no recollection of the topic, I found two other types of telepathy :

Latent Telepathy is described as being the transfer of information, with an observable time-lag between transmission and receipt.

For me personally, this means one would generally be talking to a persons past state of mind (usually around 10 minutes lag) which has already moved into the subconscious, thus the person not "hearing" the words.  

Precognitive Telepathy is described as being the transfer of information, through Psi, about the future state of an individual's mind

This sort of telepathy you would be conversing with the subconscious mind with around a 10 minute lag, whereas the person cannot consciously hear you. The conversation topic generally comes to the persons conscious mind soon after that although memory of telepathic communication generally dissipates. 

Tel-empathy is a complete combination of telepathy and empathy. That is, The power to receive and/or transmit emotions between individuals. 

For example, if one was to feel anxiety from another empathically, while at the same time telepathically  conversing with the person on why they are feeling that way, they can work out what the persons' needs are emotionally, and transmit that emotion. In this case the emotion may be "calm" or "peace".

To be an effective healer of any sort, tel-empathy can take you directly to the source of the problem, so that true healing can occur.