Ratio of Energy and Matter



The Ratio of Energy and Matter

The Real Truth behind Global Warming and Climate Change


The world and the universe is the interplay of energy and matter. This reality is known to modern man as well as the ancient.  But our understanding of nature formed from the interplay of energy and matter is wanting. Science as well as common sense tells that when the heat of a system increases, matter enclosed in it gains energy and its goes into disorder. We can take the example tea particle in a boiling tea pot. Beyond certain point the system is forced to go into phase change.


This means the temperature of the system is maintained when the ratio of energy and matter state of the system is maintained. There is huge cry about Global warming and Climate Change due to increase in temperature of the environment through carbon emission. But if we stand back and observe nature, we note the root cause for the Global Warming and Climate Change is our lack of understanding of design of nature and it’s working to maintain energy/matter ratio. Here is a lead that opens a new realm of thinking and opens new approaches to solve the problem.   


When west awakes to sun light/heat, unwinds and goes into disorder, the east sleeps to darkness, winds and goes into new order. When light peaks in the west simultaneously darkness peaks in the east and they give way to the opposite. The left and right are instantaneously communicated and there is information flow between the two. Two opposing phases [ordering and disordering] which coexist thus seems to balance the ratio of energy and matter flow in the earth system. By this process earth maintains its temperature within certain limits.


The second law of thermodynamics applied to material world tells us that the system should loose energy, and the matter in it should collapse to a point. [Big Bang Theory] From energy point of view, the ever increasing energy released into the environment should create shredding force on all system existing in it. These are realities known to science.


However, if we stand back and observe nature from a point of freedom, we note a new dimension to nature. All life by instinct is anti-gravitational. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system shows opposition to material world. This means the existence of even one living cell can stop the Big Bang Collapse. Incidentally Einstein whose work led to Big Bang Theory was virtually against it and introduced anti-gravity. But he retracted it, probably for lack of visions to support it.  


If you observe plant system, they take light and heat and thus cool the environment. In short they work towards order. When the darkness fall they transform the energy into matter and thus grow against gravity and time directed to collapse. In short under second law of thermodynamics material world contracts and living world expands. So by design earth is self sustaining. Earth with plants is two dimensional. If you include animals into the picture the energy flow in earth becomes three dimensional. Neither plants nor animals interfere into design of earth and its functioning that maintains the temperature. 


However, when we bring adult human into picture we see a fourth dimension or dimension of time. This dimension comes from human mind that seeks “self” and disconnects form its life source and turns negative. The time direction and its journey to disorder and destruction are hastened when human mind gets attached to the material power. We are in the edge of time where disorder and destruction is peaking because human mind and its negativity and its attachment to material force are peaking.  


Thus the real cause for Global Warming and Climate Change exist in human intervention into ratio of energy/matter of nature. Our reckless intervention into nature without knowing the Truth of Nature has upset the ratio of disordering and ordering cycle of nature in favor of disorder. The Nature is not getting sufficient time and space to convert the heat and energy to matter and thus maintain the temperature of the earth. Consequently the temperature is rising. The free energy of the system is held up as negative energies in space and time.


One of the ways by which nature counters it is by unwinding the space and time. The many worlds collapse and tend to singularity such that it can wind back into new order. The singularity is a transition period. It is a forbidden state. The reality is duality. This is reflected in the design of earth. The earth is balanced and works by duality. When the time directs to singularity the system is forced to collapse and go into new order. This concept of singularity and duality is very much spoken in the ancient spiritual scriptures.   


The singularity or breaking of the time cycle and the functioning of earth is creating the shredding force and is the cause of instability of various ecological systems. This is also the cause for the instability of human mind manifesting as war and terrorism. This accumulated energy gets liberated during the phase changes taking place in the climatic cycle. This is contributing to increased natural catastrophes. The accumulated heat or energy and decreased capacity of earth to convert the heat into matter means we are heading to a period where accident due to fire is bound to increase alarmingly. When the climatic cycle changes it also leads to destruction due to huge rain and snow fall. I did predict the increase in precipitation/unit area in unit time leading to catastrophic floods. Read article “Prediction to 2012” We are already witnessing fire and rain related disasters around the world.


The solution to Global Warming and climate change exist in giving space and time for earth to convert energy into matter.     


Unless humanity awakens to this Truth of Nature, we will end in paying huge price in the coming years. Some one has to take this Truth to the world for evaluation.

For more information you can read articles in the site “Awakening to Truth” http://sites.google.com/site/awakeningtotruth  


I am sharing with you matters that can Change the very foundation of modern man and his thinking and bring him back from disorder and death back to life and order. This simple Truth of Nature can help long way bringing positive result when the intellectuals and leaders meet at Copenhagen to discuss climate change