Awakening to Truth

 The only way for Human to Survive on Planet Earth

"Seek truth and truth will set you free"

Golden words of spiritual scriptures

The Great Secret

The matter spoken here is the product over two decades of selfless research and contains vital contents for human survival on the planet earth that is edging fast into disorder and destruction out of ignorance of truth and oneness of nature and its functioning. This matter kept on the net alone cannot save the world. It has to be brought to limelight, such that the intellectuals around the world debate it. It is up to some Organization and Media to come forward to do it. I say it is vital and there is not much time left for us awaken to truth and take guard of our abode and our life.

Modern world is powered by Science, especially by physicist and their mindset. The biologists are subservient to them. Their thinking lags behind physicist. Biologists still hang on to the old mechanical world view, it obtained by killing life and dissecting it. With Uncertainty Theory science’s foundation broke down. The scientist lost their vision of nature and platform to guide the world. The partial work of science since then has been recklessly exploited without knowing the truth of nature. 

It is said total accumulated knowledge till 1920, doubled in the next 50 years. Since then, aided by media and internet it has been doubling at shorter and shorter period. We are leading ourselves to Knowledge explosion. The present knowledge is expected to double by 2010. Knowledge should have brought order, peace, stability, life and so on. But modern knowledge is giving opposite results. This is of great conern to humnaity


This is reflected very much in the instability of earth, sun, solar system and the whole cosmos. The vitiated natural forces is manifesting as increased natural catastrophes, global warming and climate change. The decreased health of humanity and increased mutation in viruses and microorganism is opening a huge threat of epidemics. Most importantly human mind is unstable and is turning violent. Mankind has turned against mankind. A speck of hope exists in revival of spirituality, but spirituality revived within the frame of religion is ultimate weapon for evil force to act.


This calls our  attention to advance science and  know the truth of nature. If you look back, one thing stands out in modern science. It lacks the truth of inter relationship and oneness. The time calls us to invent a new plat form that explains the oneness and help us Change from disorder to order

More than two and half decades of selfless research has led the author to Truth and Oneness. It has the potentials to advance science there by giving the world a New Platform for Change, with potential to bring in new nature compatible technologies in all the fields of human interest. 

I am, here in, humbly placing before you, the crux of my work for your evaluation – Give it a heartfelt Thought and give a helping hand to spread it.


We are Collapsing it is time to Awaken

The author can expand and speak the Power Point presentations to lead the world to awakened state. Interested people and organizations can contact the author.