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Wedding Makeup Pics

wedding makeup pics
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wedding makeup pics - Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown Beauty
Bobbi Brown Beauty
Celebrated makeup artist and the Today show beauty editor Bobbie Brown share the secretes that have made her one of the most sought-after names in makeup today. In this straightforward, refreshingly honest guide to makeup, no one "perfect" beauty standard is promoted; Bobbie knows that every woman has her own look, and her mission is to help readers maximize their individual potential.
Learn the essential techniques necessary for any woman who wants to look and feel her best--day or night.
Learning to appreciate your own beauty
How to do makeup fast
How to handle bad beauty days
How to get out of a makeup rut
How to make lipstick last
How to wear foundation correctly
With Bobbie Brown Beauty, women will quickly learn what makes their face unique and how to play up their particular strengths. Never before has a beauty book tackled the pressing concerns of a woman's everyday beauty routine--what every woman, fromm fifteen to seventy-five, really wants to know.

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the beautiful bride
the beautiful bride
had the honor of doing the makeup & a few pics for on of my best high school friends-Margaret. its funny how almost 13 years can go by with seeing each other & feel like you never missed a beat. Congrats to Margaret & John-only the best to both of you! love mel
More wedding pics from the files, I have so many of them! I stood up in 5 weddings during an 18 month time frame. 7 weddings overall. I'm lucky to have such great friends who asked me to be a part of their special days.

wedding makeup pics