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skin and makeup studio
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skin and makeup studio - Makeup/Skin Product
Makeup/Skin Product By MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - C6 - 15g/0.52oz
Makeup/Skin Product By MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - C6 - 15g/0.52oz
For best potential and lasting results with any makeup applications there are 9 main steps to follow and MAC - Powder - Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation will help you reach this goal.

Here is a step by step makeup application guide:

Step 1: Mineral foundation - A healthy foundation for a flawless face.
Step 2: Concealers - covering the problem will do wonders for your confidence, Concealers will also take care of the problem with a solution that is better for your skin health.
Step 3: Finishing touches - use our finishing powders under and over the base to control shine.
Step 4: Eye shadow - from natural shades to show-stopping shimmers, it's never been easier to get the long- lasting look you crave.
Step 5: Eyeliners - line up with long lasting colors.
Step 6: Eyelashes & Eyebrows - nature gave you eyebrows/lashes to frame your lovely face, select from our full line to enhance your looks!
Step 7: mascara - a must for any makeup bag.
Step 8: Blushes & bronzers - from blushing brides to sun goddesses, we have got a crush on blush.
Step 9: Lips - the right lip product is a girl's best friend.

Get the most out of this fabulous Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - C6 - Combines the goodness of foundation & powder in one Provides full coverage & matte finish Hides imperfections & fine lines on face Long wearing up to 8 hours Renders you a smooth, flawless complexion . You are sure to enjoy this top quality product and experience the ultimate in makeup satisfaction.

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Studio 10'x15', two 160ws studio flash, one 2'x2 1/2' softbox with four 85watt fluorescent bulbs with diffuser, one 32"shoot through umbrella, one 32" reflective umbrella, one 42"shoot through umbrella, three light stands, three backgrounds, one camera tripod, one Nikon D200 with 18-55mm and 70-300mm lenses, approximate cost $1,500, enjoyment from a hobby you love...priceless : )
studio view 2009!
studio view 2009!
rare hard to photograph night time view of the studio, still left in chaos from shooting the stumps.

skin and makeup studio