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Make Up Ideas For Blondes

make up ideas for blondes
    make up
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Last check-up in Newfoundland for a while.
Last check-up in Newfoundland for a while.
On Wednesday I had a visit to the Janeway Hospital to see how my bloodwork was, and my Ct scan that I got the week before. I was in Medical Day Care for not even 5 minutes my oncologist Dr.Jack Hand came towards me and asked me a favor. He asked me to go talk to someone on J4 who got diagnosed with the same thing as me (Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3B, except for 3A), because he felt that he needed someone to talk to. His illness was really getting to him, and he's getting depressed, so they asked me to go over there and have a chat with him, even if it was for a few minutes. So, the nurses checked my weight, height, blood pressure, then I was on my way over to meet the guy. His name was Scott, and he really is a sweet guy, and so is his mom. His mom was telling me that around the time he got diagnosed (October 2009) there was an article about me and my cancer in the Telegram Newspaper...and in the article my flickr website was included in it, and she told me that they frequently visited my website so they could have an idea for what was to come for them in the future. They told me that they searched google a few times, which doctors DON'T recommend (but it's kind of hard not to), but they found my website the most useful. :) So like I said, Dr.Hand asked me to talk to him for a few minutes...a few minutes turned quickly into a few hours. I was talking to Scott and his mother for over 2 hours, the nurse actually had to tell me to go back to medical day care to get my check-up done. Scott and his mother are such nice people too. Scott was telling me that his hair used to Orange and Purple, and that's what he was known for, and he can't wait to grow back his hair and dye it back. Reminds me of myself, when I was on chemo I didn't mind wearing my wig, and I didn't mind wearing my hat, but in the back of my mind I was always thinking about my long black hair that I missed so much. I gave Scott and his mom my contact information, and I know they read this a lot, so guys if you're reading this now don't be afraid to send me an e-mail or give me a call. :) My check-up went really good. The mass is still there on the scan, but that's always going to be there. It's very little and it's unharmful to me, but it looks super cool on the computer! haha! My bloodwork was fine too! Just a regular check up. By the way, in the picture with me is Coleen. She is such a nice lady. She told me that she met me twice. Once when I had long hair, and once when I lost all of my hair. I didn't remember her at first, but then when she started talking I remembered her. She's awesome. :) I also had an interesting chat with her. While we were looking at my CT scan on the computer, I said "you love this don't you?" and she said "Yeah I love all aspects of medicine." Then she kept going on about how she loves her job, and how it's so rewarding, and she used me as an example. How first when I came in here, there "mission" was to make me feel better. 6 or so months later I'm feeling fine, and I'm going to Arts school to be a photographer. It's just so great and rewarding, apparently. I mean, it must be! I would never be able to do anything like it myself, but being a doctor is definitely something to be proud of. It's such an amazing job. This is my last visit to the Janeway (for a check-up at least) until next year... January of 2011 will be my next visit to the Janeway. My next check-up date is due in October, and I will be in Alberta then. So it should be interesting to get a CT scan and bloodwork done up there. I hope I don't sketch the nurses out too bad about my freak issue with IV's..haha. Should be interesting though, a bit scary, doing it all in a totally different environment, but it's exciting too. :D
"That's what friends are for" 365 days photo 59 EXPLORED!
"That's what friends are for" 365 days photo 59 EXPLORED!
Last night I had a terrible night. I couldn't fall asleep and when I finally did at 4 o'clock I had a intense dream, about some unfinished business with someone I loved a lot, way way back. When I woke up at 5:45 I just couldn't sleep anymore. I felt really sick about the short 2 hours sleep I had, but I got out of bed, and drank lots of coffee. I had singinglessons at 10:45 and I felt so sick that I was afraid the bus would make me throw up (pardon) so I had to go by bike (about 30 minutes). Anyway, biking was a bad idea, wind, rain, cold. We started the lesson with some breathing exercises, but while she was pushing my tummy, I said: No this ain't gonna work. So we sat down and she taught me another breathing exercise, which was really relaxing. We had a chat and then she said: You need to let it all out, you keep it all inside and that 'causes a physical reaction. And it's true the medicine the doctor gave me don't work. It's stress/worries. I told her that the last few weeks I have this wall arround me, am just not here, and I don't share my thoughts, especially not with Emiel. She said I have to. And that's when I started crying, a real cry, and crying. We had a good talk, about how I should start loving myself, and about how afraid I am to lose it all. No singing, just talking, and tears for me I really needed. She gave me a flyer of a woman who maybe can help me to deal with some things from the past. I think I'm going to make an appointment with her soon. It's a spiritual therapist, I'm really curious, AND OPEN! After that, I had a date with my cuteness girly friend, my musical sister Diana. Since I quited with the musical I don't see her that much anymore, that's different from 3 years every monday. It was so great to have her here, she has such great spirit, she's addorable cute (and a little naughty which I like, 'cause she hides it well) and very sweet! I took some photos of her, she's a great model, tries lot of different faces. Tomorrow I will upload some of the photos. I'm happy with the few but Great friends I have! Love ya'll!! AND YAY FOR THE WEEKEND!!!

make up ideas for blondes