Fashion fair makeup - Make up my own song.

Fashion Fair Makeup

fashion fair makeup
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  • carnival: a traveling show; having sideshows and rides and games of skill etc.

My Fair Ladies
My Fair Ladies
hotography: Hannah Bacalla Creative Direction: Gene Ginno Alducente Designer: Wendell Quisido Hair and Make-up: Emi Ayag Assisted by : Rey Abella Production Assistant: Elger Ramos Sevilla Model: Naomi (Wafer Models) Special thanks to Cary Santiago, Wendell Quisido, Valeriano Tomol (Models' Association of Cebu) and Sven Chua (Wafer Models). Web: Blog: Facebook: Twitter:
Portrait of fair-haired beautiful girl
Portrait of fair-haired beautiful girl
Portrait of fair-haired beautiful girl, isolated on white background.

fashion fair makeup