Boots No7 Mattifying Makeup Base : Great Eye Makeup Looks

Boots No7 Mattifying Makeup Base

boots no7 mattifying makeup base
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boots no7 mattifying makeup base - OC Eight
OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel
OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel
American Idol Make-Up Artist, Mezhgan, says she is "amazed by how great the contestants skin looks on film after using OC Eight." She says, "OC Eight works like nothing I've ever tried before." OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel is a breakthrough in skin care products with a one of a kind technology. It works continuously for up to 8 hours absorbing excess oil. The results? Even-toned, true matte skin for that just-applied look throughout the day. Benefits:Contains ACRYSORB micro-particles that work to permanently trap up to 6X their own volume in oil.Keeps make-up in place, looking fresh all day.won't conceal your natural glow.Keeps shine away, giving your skin a more even, flawless look.

77% (14)
Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder Schwarzkopf
Osis+ Dust It Mattifying Powder Schwarzkopf
Schwarzkopf Osis (Bonacure) Modelador Dust It e um modelador matificante de textura unica, pois sua consistencia em po garante separacao e definicao com movimento natural e efeito mate; o qual se prolonga por ate dois dias. Schwarzkopf Osis (Bonacure) Modelador Dust It fixa, matifica e texturiza; proporciona movimento natural; possibilita uma sensacao natural, Sugestao de Uso: - Aplique no cabelo seco ou umido. Esfregue uma pequena quantidade de po Dust It nas maos e passe para os cabelos. Aplique diretamente na raiz para proporcionar um volume extra. Resultado: - Cabelos definidos, com movimento e sensacao natural. - Schwarzkopf Osis (Bonacure) Modelador Dust It encontra-se na dosagem de 10 gr.
All Stardust Cosmetics unless specified: Face Mattifying Foundation in Warm Light Vixen blush Hug pigment over Vixen to highlight Concealer in light Photo-finish setting powder(clear) Eyes Cream eyeshadow in Nude Frost Hug pigment Bellydancer pigment Ivory Pigment Loreal Hip cream liner in black Covergirl volume exact in very black Lips Rimmel vinyl lip in Snog

boots no7 mattifying makeup base
boots no7 mattifying makeup base
Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti Shine Mattifying Gel 1 oz (28 g)
Oil-free and fragrance-free with an advanced oil-absorbing pore minimizer for an all-day greaseless, clear, matte finish for all skin types.
This advanced mattifying gel is formulated with powerful oil-absorbing, pore minimizing ingredients. Absorbs on contact with- out stripping natural moisture. Excellent worn under face and eye make-up, for touch-ups over make-up, or alone for a finished look without the use of make-up. This fast acting gel helps make-up stay fresher longer and creates a lasting, clear, satiny matte finish without cakiness. Eliminates unsightly breakthrough shine all day. Also ideal for a man's shiny face and scalp.
Animal Cruelty Free
Made in USA