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The age-old battle between science and religion rages on, even in the 21st century. This page strives to show that harmony can and should exist between religion and science, in order to forward the interests of both disciplines, and encourage tolerance, and acceptance of  religious views in the light of science, and science in the light of religion.



PBS documentary "Judgment Day: The Dover Intelligent Design Trial"

watch it now!

Einstein and God

an article by the Center on Theological Inquiry

Einstein & Faith

by Walter Isaacson, in Time Magazine

Glimpses of Christian History : Johannes Kepler

through the eyes of Christianity Today

Johannes Kepler: His Life, His Laws, His Times

sponsored by NASA

The Galileo Project

a project that centers around science and theology sponsored by Rice University

John Templeton Foundation for the Study of Religion and Science

The Gifford Lecture Series on Natural Theology

contains every Gifford Lecture from its inception to the present in .pdf

Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of Religion Online Textbook

by Philip Pecorino, Ph.D, CUNY Queensborough Community College, New York

Philosophy and Religion, ed. by Richard T. Nolan, Ph.D, Episcopal Church

History of 20th Century Philosophy of Science by Thomas J. Hickey

This is a complete online book. 

Philosophy of Science Journal, University of Chicago

St. Anselm College course in Philosophy of Science

There is a lot of great information and detail on this website. Well worth looking into.

Philosophy of Science Resources by Bruce Janz, Associate Professor of Humanities, Associate Chair, Department of Philosophy,  University of Central Florida

Simone Weil Homepage

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Glossary of Kantian Technical Terms

Jeremy Bentham