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Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angelic orders?
And even if one of them pressed me
suddenly to his heart; I'd be consumed
in his stronger existence. For beauty is nothing
but the beginning of terror, which we can just barely endure
and we stand in awe of it as it coolly disdains
to destroy us. Every angel is terrifying.
And so i check myself and swallow the luring call
of dark sobs. Alas, whom can we turn to
in our need? Not angels, not humans,
and the sly animals see at once
how little at home we are
in the interpreted world.

--Elegy 1, Duino Elegies, Rainer Maria Rilke

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Jan 21-23, 2010 - "Envisioning Postcolonial Theologies to Decolonize the Body of Christ" at United Theological College in Bangalore, India hosted by David Joy, Associate Professor of New Testament. Conference welcomes postcolonial theorists and theologians for the first such interdisciplinary conference. 300 word abstracts welcomed through June 30, 2009 for proposed short papers (30 minutes) presented at conference.   

Modern Language Association Annual Conference 2009

Philadelphia, PA 

The MLA's 125th annual convention will be held in Philadelphia. Registration and housing information will be available in September 2009.

The convention will begin on Sunday, 27 December, and end on Wednesday, 30 December. All MLA members and others involved in the study or teaching of language and literature must register for the convention to participate in or attend meetings, visit the exhibit hall, use the job service, or reserve hotel rooms at special MLA rates.  See for forthcoming details.

 American Academy of Religion Annual Conference 2009

Nov. 7-10, 2009

Montreal, Quebec

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