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Hotel Hyundai (Gyeongju), Gyeongju-si, Korea

The Biggest and the finest hotel in Beautiful Gyeongju

Hotel Hyundai (Gyeongju) is a convention & resort hotel located in Gyeongju, known for the glorious civilization. With accumulated experiences in a number of international events and excellent service, Hotel Hyundai is considered to be ‘a prestigious hotel representing Gyeongju City’ and ‘a hotel with the tradition and modern dignity well balanced’ since it opened in July, 1992.

Hotel Hyundai is a good choice not only for your business but also for a place of relaxation and revitalization. It is the place where you can feel the true meaning of rest in the natural surroundings.

We promise to become a hotel that can make customer’s well-being life come true, through continuing efforts and development to satisfy customers.

Deluxe Twin|Triple

Experience a top quality of room service in a comfortable room with a beautiful view in Hotel hyundai



High-speed internet (available for all rooms), domestic/foreign TV channels, running a floor for non-smokers


Balcony (table, chair), bathtub, mini bar, TV, refrigerator, telephone, bathroom phone, hair dryer, radio, bathroom goods (shampoo, lotion, skin, body cleanser, tissue, cotton swab, shower cap, comb), slippers, shoe horn, shoe cleaner, clothing brush, bathing robe, emergency light


338, Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, R.O.Korea

TEL : +82-54-748-2233 ㅣ FAX : +82-54-748-8234 ㅣ E-mail :