Naturally, high-quality food and drink is part of a successful journey.  Our service includes a number of excellent dining options.  You can always choose a suitable way for you to dine.

Feast of Reindeer at Kammi welcomes you to a unique dining experience.
Restaurant Kammi was named after a simple over­night shelter the Sami people traditionally built from mountain birch and peat. You will sense the Kammi at­mosphere the moment you cross the threshold. The open fire, the reindeer pelts, the flickering candles – everything combines to create an unforgettable dining experience.Kammi serves the Reindeer Feast which is a true ce­lebration of Lappish slow cooking. As fitting for a fe­ast, the amount of food will take you by surprise. You will taste reindeer sausages, kota-smoked reindeer roast, sautéd reindeer, pork spareribs, salmon, po­tato butter, jacked po­tatoes, and a few more things.

Fine dining and special delicacy. 
KING GRAP HOUSE - Enjoy the dishes painsta­kingly prepared by our master chefs and our carefully selected wines in a carefree, relaxed Lappish atmosphere. The menu is built around the clean flavours of Nordic game meats and fresh local fish Feast in a candlelit restaurant on giant king crab fresh from the Arctic Sea, or share a delicious local salmon soup.Every fish and king crab served in the KingCrab House is brought straight from the Arctic Sea, usually by Håkon himself. Our chefs are proudly cooking everything from scratch with great raw materials.Relax, enjoy a glass of good wine and be amazed by the Arctic flavors!

RIIHI - The menu at the Riihi is based on the traditional Lapland specialties as well as delicious contemporary adaptations of northern culinary dishes that are based around local fish and reindeer

The breakfasts and dinners in your cottage. Enjoy the hotel standar breakfast served and cleaned. Luxury in the evening; no need to leave the restaurant but you can eat a three-course dinner in your cottage.

Breakfast will be served at 9 am in the cottage, table is set up and the breakfast will be served. Also there is no need to clean up anything

Dinner will be served at the cottage. There will be waitress to serve starters, main course and dessert, also wines and other beverages. 

Restaurants and cafes in Levi village 43 pcs
After ski,  Bub and nightclub 19 pcs