Solutions for power systems

We design any type of power electronics circuit, including the following: 
* LED driver circuits
* Switching mode battery chargers
* Power factor correction circuits (PFC)
* Isolated/Non-isolated SMPS
* Power management for embedded systems
* Microcontroller based motor control and digital control
* VHDL power control cores
Design focus is in high performance, efficiency and reliability and we achieve
this by using the most sophisticated design techniques such as resonant switching
operation, proper selection of power components and carefull printed circuit board
Printed circuit board layout is of essential importance in switching circuits.
Only a carefully made layout makes a good power converter, because it minimizes
the parasitic elements that negatively contribute to the performance of a converter.
In addition to using advanced circuit techniques to design high performance
switching converters we also layout the PCB to minimize EMI emission/sesceptibility
Design guidelines to help you solve EMC/EMI compliance troubles! 
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