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  Elder Scrolls Oblivion Mod: Belda Elysium

Elderscrolls IV - Oblvion: Manor House Mod

A Music Video showcasing the Belda Elysium Manor House Mod I made for the PC game "The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion" and specifically one of its associated Quests - "Belda Elysium:  Shadows Over Elysium"

 Let's Play Skyrim Series

Let's Play - Skyrim: Part 1 DAWNGUARD

My BLIND play through as the Good Guys!

My Character:  Raimyr El'Eluril - Male Dunmer. 
- Imperial Agent, Spy, Assassin.

His youngest daughter has contracted Vampirism and he has come to Skyrim, under general orders by Emperor Titus Mede II to investigate the Stormcloak Rebellion; while simultaneously using this opportunity to track down the rumoured  'New Vampire Threat,  with the hope to create a cure for his daughter from their ashes.

Ep29 Raiders of the Falmer Blood

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