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December in Texas [1231 - Random Digital Upload Monday r.i.p. II]
December in Texas [1231 - Random Digital Upload Monday r.i.p. II]
aka The Windmill Next Door - for mikecole! One of the final posts in this series -- Random Digital Upload Monday. With regard to photography, my interest (obsession) is much more focused on film. I started RDUM as a means of trying to defeat the blah feeling that often accompanies the beginning of the week -- AND to force myself to take some time w/ all these digital shots that I compulsively grab and often ignore. I also tried to rekindle, if you will, my little love affair with digital. But again, I'm just completely smitten with film, and this probably wasn't the way to go about things anyway. But thank you for stopping by to take a look at these shots, & Happy New Year! PROST. ^_^
Pumpkins in Still Life - My 1,000 Upload
Pumpkins in Still Life - My 1,000 Upload
This is my 1,000 flickr upload. As I was approaching this milestone, I thought about all of my friends who have motivated and inspired me with their fantastic photography. Thank you so much for looking at my work even when you thought it wasn't necessary to comment. I began this adventure in May, 2008. My photography was "mediocre". I think I have improved a wee bit since the beginning. Thank you. Thank you.

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