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avril lavigne eye make up
    avril lavigne
  • Avril Ramona Lavigne (; born 27 September 1984) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, fashion designer, and actress. She was born in Belleville, Ontario, but spent the majority of her youth in the small town, Napanee, Ontario.
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avril lavigne eye make up - Let Go
Let Go
Let Go
Limited edition Asian tour pressing of her debut includes a bonus nine track Audio/Video CD which features five audio tracks, 'Get Over It' (B-side), 'Why' (previously only available as an enhanced track), 'Unwanted' (Live), 'I'm With You' (Live), 'Nobody

Self-professed skate punk Avril Lavigne sings that she'd "rather be anything but ordinary" on her debut. While the fact that she had a record deal by the age of 16 separates her from the pack, too often Let Go's lyrical shortcomings drag the teenager's musically impressive recording entree into the realm of the typical. The catchy choruses of Go are substantial, though, thanks to Lavigne's riff-driven melodies and powerful vocals, which at times adopt the unorthodox intonation quirks of fellow Canadian Alanis Morrissette. The nuanced, dynamic "Losing Grip," "My World" (which perfectly captures the ennui of suburbia), and the buoyant power-pop blast "Sk8er Boi" are the collection's highlights. But Lavigne's honest yet awkward words weigh down the likes of "Mobile," "I'm with You," and "Naked." "Nobody's Fool," which displays her Pink-like take-me-as-I-am credo, hints that someday Lavigne's lyrics will match the strength of her music. --Annie Zaleski

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William Ashley China Window Display - Bloor Street West, Toronto "I love a warm pig belly for my aching feet." "Alice' is a song written and performed by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne for the soundtrack to the 2010 film Alice in Wonderland, entitled Almost Alice, released on March 2, 2010. In addition to appearing on the soundtrack, the song was played over the film's end credits. The song is a mid-tempo ballad sung from the perspective of the film's lead character, Alice. According to Lavigne, she wrote the song after asking Disney executives and director Tim Burton for a role on the soundtrack. The song was produced by Butch Walker and mixed by Lavigne's former husband Deryck Whibley. The song was first played on radio on January 27, 2010, when Lavigne appeared on the show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. 'Alice' sold 45,000 copies within the first four weeks of its release. In his review for the soundtrack Almost Alice, William Ruhlmann of Allmusic described 'Alice' as 'a typical piece of self-assertive adolescent pop/rock,' noting that it was 'ideally suited for heavy rotation on Radio Disney.' Todd Martens, writing for the Los Angeles Times, approved of the song's 'darker, more angsty vision', adding that it was a return to Lavigne's sound in Under My Skin. He described the beginning of the song as, 'promising, with wavy synths caught somewhere between a nightmare and a dream.' Bill Lamb of About.com gave the song 4 stars out of 5, appreciating Lavigne's interpretation of Alice's dilemma. He found her vocals emotional, 'expressing the confusion of Alice falling through that rabbit hole.' 'Alice' works both as an emotional, dramatic evocation of struggles with confusing times in life, and setting the scene for the movie making listeners eager to see the story that generates this heart-pounding, raw statement of the survival instinct. There is a raw immediacy to the sound which grabs listeners instantly. It's hard to know if it will be a major pop hit, but the song does provide a suitably dramatic intro to publicity for the upcoming film. —Bill Lamb, About.com The Calgary Herald wrapped its opinion of 'Alice' in succinct praise, calling it 'one of the best songs of Avril's career,' adding that Avril's repertoire doesn't otherwise live up to its hype. Digital Spy's Nick Levine called the song 'a big angsty rock ballad,' finding the track 'cinematic' and at times 'ghostly,' before mentioning that the song took several listens to appreciate. Several critics focused on the lyrics of the song, with mixed reaction. Lamb expounded, 'Lyrically, with words of 'trippin' out,' Avril Lavigne brings Alice directly into a contemporary context. This will allow young fans to see more clearly the metaphorical application of Alice In Wonderland to contemporary issues and dilemmas.' Becky Bain of Idolator began her review commending Lavigne's lyrics for 'carry[ing] genuine sentiment,' believing that her 'words of encouragement' would 'resonate' with her teenage fans. Mark Ingoldsby, of 411mania.com, had little to praise in Lavigne's lyrics, stating that Lavigne is '[a]pparently incapable of crafting witty lyrics that paint an interesting picture through creative metaphors.' Martens had similar feelings, writing, '[The] listener never really gets a picture of [the] trippy world Lavigne has found herself in.' There was general consensus among critics regarding the chorus of the song, in which Lavigne repeatedly holds a high note for an extended period. Lamb simply called it 'shouty,' while others elaborated. Although Ingoldsby, who sub-titled his review Wail of a Fail, could appreciate the beginning of the song, calling it 'eerie and captivating,' and describing Lavigne's voice as 'unremarkable, yet pleasant,' Ingoldsby found the rest of the song — from "the second part of the first verse" onwards — to be a 'recreation of an Alanis Morissette-style spaz-out session.' Bain was also unimpressed with the chorus. '[The] biggest problem with the song is that Lavigne, trying to come off like Amy Lee, is constantly screeching while attempting to hit those high notes. It’s difficult to enjoy a song while you’re wincing during the chorus.' The music video opens with Lavigne finding and following a white rabbit into a forest. As the piano in the soundtrack begins playing, the video briefly cuts to Lavigne's hands playing the notes on a piano. The video returns to Lavigne's character, who trips and falls into a hole near a large tree. Her fall is intercut with shots of Alice (from Burton's film) colliding with objects, including a piano. When Lavigne opens her eyes, she is lying at the bottom of a deep hole, dressed in a black gothic corset dress and stockings imprinted with playing card suits. When Lavigne climbs out of the hole, she finds herself in Wonderland. The song enters the chorus, and the video cuts and dissolves between Lavigne's character running through the forest and Lavigne singi
if you care...
if you care...
100 FACTS ABOUT ME (sorry em i took your idea. just thought it was such a good idea = ] ) 1- right now i should should should be studying for exams 2- i love cameos so much 3- holly is the best friend i could ask for [many others too! but hollys just so great] 4- i want to be a ballerina 5- sulacoudapie is my favorite word (its a dance step) 6- i am dying to get married, husbands are the greatest things in the world 7- im moving to africa one day. even if its just for a few months, i want to give my heart to africa 8- i ALMOST grew up in the english countryside, but then baby madelyn came along 9- kevin daily just made a lil christmas cd and its the cutest thing. you needa get it...plus hes one of the greatest college guys youll ever meet 10- i only had surgery once and it was when i was first born on my eye 11- pionte shoes are the best things that ever happened to me 12- i love the name ella 13- i am in the process of loosing my best friend 14- "our present sufferings are not even worth being compared with the glory that will be revealed in us. creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of man to be revealed." romans 8 : 28 15- im listening to landon piggs new song and its sweet. his songs just explain what ive always been trying to say 16- my only present for christmas is possibly this amazing camera ive been wanting 17- i love it when guys wear scarves. and i love it when guys wear ties. they look so classy. 18- i want to be humbled 19- i want my husband to smoke pipes and wear little vests when hes old 20- mamie is the person i can be the craziest with...i feel more at home with her then anyone else in the world 21- my family are the greatest people in the world 22- i wanna work at daystar 23- my hair is really curly, even though i brush it out straight when its wet, it just bounces right back into a big curl 24- my 9th grade holds some of the most amazing people...i think we easily have the best grade to ever come through here 25- lavender is the best smell 26- mamie and i have photoshoots constantly and they might be one of the best memories ill have from my teenage years. what a fun time they are. 27- i pretty much live in a pair of jeans, flats, a knit hat, and a cameo wrapped around my neck and a green tea in my hand 28- my name is katherine elizabeth 29- vulnerability is one of the best qualities i think a person can have 30- avril lavigne, hannah montana, and taylor swift are my guilty pleasures 31- i grew up on santana, micheal jackson, and amy grant. and i lived at the dragon park in hillsboro village as well as friedman's army supply shop downtown and the puffy muffin. i was read c.s.lewis and dr.suess quite frequently. 32- i have the most beautful best friends in the world holly is humble, yet so understanding and content with herself georganna is a breathtaking dancer, and one of my most reliable friends lizzy is just great. her friendship is such a breath of fresh air wesley is n2 everything he does &i love it, i feel like i could tell him anything mamie is just crazy, she might be the funnest person i know, shes always searching for the next thing she can get her hands on, what a loveable girl catty is such a sweetheart, she is always striving for something...i envy that hayden...oh my. the times ive spent laughing with him are countless, but he can be so caring towards me at the same time. ive truely loved his friendship caroline.s, now she is someone i cant live without. she is so passoniate and delicate and elegant ...just to name a few... 33- i think i wanna have lots and lots of kids 34- rain makes me think 35- i dont know if the color "grey" is spelled "grey" or "gray", but i like grey 36- my second home is the heldmans 37- my puppy is named ranger and hes precious 38- i cant believe ive benn doing this for 53 minutes 39- clouds amaze me often, as do sunsets 40- my beautiful grandmother was runner up for miss georgia 41- i wish i lived in the 20s or 40s' 42- a beautiful mind is one of the best movies 43- i like pistachio nuts alot 44- i wanna be a writer. i wanna be a ballerina. i wanna be a photographer. i wanna be on broadway. i wanna be a missionary. i wanna be counsulor. i wanna be an aritst....when i grow up. 45- jcrew contains some of the happiest photography around 46- i would like to work at brushfire, daystar, anthropologie, or jcrew if i need a job when im about 16/17-ish 47- i think blue eyes make you pretty 48- im officially fine with having pale skin 49- i want to go back to the biltmore. it holds some of the greatest memories. 50- realizing youre growing up and theres no turning around is a sad thing 51- but i want to be childlike as long as i possibly can 52- men with british accents easily sway me

avril lavigne eye make up
avril lavigne eye make up
Under My Skin
CD AUDIO SIDE: Entire Album
DVD SIDE: * Entire album in enhanced LPCM Stereo * Music Video for #1 single "My Happy Ending" and "Nobody’s Home" * Behind the scenes footage * Photo Gallery This disc is intended to play on standard DVD and CD players. May not play on a limited number of models.

With her breakthrough 2002 debut, Let Go, Avril Lavigne tried to market herself as the bona fide alternative to tarty teen queens, Britney and Christina. Her guitar-pop hits were irresistibly bratty but the whole "Complicated" teen pose was a little hard to swallow, especially since two songwriters called the Matrix--who had at least twenty years on the Canadian singer--fed her most of the material. Having had the chance to live a little, Lavigne returns to make good on her angsty image with Under My Skin, an album rippling with delightfully dour melodies and heartfelt lyrics about loneliness ("How Does It Feel") and fractured relationships ("Don't Tell Me"). Is it cliched? Sure. Will it scare off her necktie and t-shirt wearing fans? Possibly. But there's nothing quite as satisfying as watching a teen-pop icon actually reveal her soul. --Jaan Uhelszki