Welcome to my web site.

I recognise how daunting making that first contact with a therapist can be and how important it is that you find the right person to work with so, should you choose to contact me, we can talk through any questions you might have about me or the service I offer. If you are happy to proceed, we can then arrange to make an appointment as soon as possible. I will be led by what you need.

I view therapy as a collaboration, in which we work together to enhance your quality of life and explore your thoughts, feelings, troubles, goals, in a safe and trusting space. Whether you are looking to make life changes or overcome current stresses, I will work alongside you with warmth and respect.

I work from my home office which is a private, peaceful and comfortable environment.

Some people find that one appointment is all that they need but others benefit from more. It is usual to make regular weekly or even fortnightly appointments so we can discuss at our initial appointment what might suit you best.