Reflection on Teamwork & Leadership

    Compassion is having a great deal of interest or concern in a certain topic, opinion, or idea. This is very important when it comes to teamwork and leadership because without it, these two characteristic traits could not be as effective or even excel through a persons skills and ability. In order to showcase leadership, you must have a strive, motivation, and passion for what you do so it will target and influence your audience and make them believe in what you might have to offer or share. For example if a leader has excellent experience with people and is a great and enthusiastic speaker then chances are the audience will become good listeners. With compassion an immense deal of understanding and desire is presented. That is what makes leaders of our day and age outstanding and leaders that can pave a path for people to follow by example and trust that they are someone that can taken as a leader. Those that can step up to the plate are the ones who separate themselves from the ones who pose to be leaders. In other words, they don't have what it takes to be a leader because of the lack of compassion and desire for others.

    Compassion is also reflected though teamwork which consist of commitment, dedication, hard work, and other strong aspects. Compassion is significant in teamwork because it is the back bone of teamwork, it would not have the correct support if it was not inculpated by compassion. These two skills go hand in hand, in other words, it is compatible. For example, when the Dallas Mavericks current NBA Champions won the title against the Miami Heat, they didn't win with just three players they won with all five players on the court that were all dedicated and determined to win, it took all five players to be a team and that's why they was successful over the most highly anticipated team Miami Heat, which  only consist of  three players to share a spot light and major role.  However, it isn't just basketball a team is also common in the office or huge cooperate company that just launched a campaign. With a group of people that share the same goals, achievements and desire, it is more likely for them to be successful especially if they all obtain compassion in their teamwork and take pride in what they do. 

    Leadership is the process of social influence through large group or audience. It allows people to emerge and create a way of contributing and completing extraordinary tasks. Good leadership is effective, its the ability to successfully integrate and increase available resources in and environment, which usually leads to organizational or societal goals. 

    Teamwork is work performed by team that all shares a common goal. Each individual comes together showcases there talent under one group. The success of teamwork goes far beyond one individual, each must adjust to working as a team and being unselfish. 

    Leadership and teamwork is the foundation of a great begging in what someone does, whether its in a class room, on the court,  or at a fundraiser downtown Toronto. It can be brought to a peak of  unmeasurable success and with it you can reach the stars and achieve a lot.