Training Program

Training at Creston School

The training program at Creston School extended from the spring of 2013 until the end of the 2014 school year.  It took place over the course of many different days, and the training sessions took different forms at different times.   There were initial introductory training sessions and in-services that introduced the concepts of "Going Google" to staff, as well as some training sessions that taught them the basics of using their newly issued Google Chromebooks.  

In the summer of 2013, a professional development website/wiki was introduced, and there were informal, asynchronous activities for teachers to participate in via that website.  Additionally, there was a formal training in-service in July 2013.  The school was under construction as classrooms were being equipped to handle new devices (in some cases desktop and older laptop computers). Teachers had taken Google Chromebooks home to get acclimated to and utilize over the summer.

Throughout the school year, training sessions took place both formally and informally.  There were whole group teacher in-services, informal small group sessions at weekly Professional Learning Committee (PLC) meetings, and formal and informal individualized weekly coaching sessions with teachers.  Many sessions were exceedingly informal and took the form of a quick phone call, a Google chat/hangout, or email message asking for help.  Teachers also worked together to learn from one another when the Tech Coach was busy. 

While not all sessions had accompanying learning materials, in the outline and concept sections below, there are links to any training materials, evidence, or artifacts of learning when applicable.  In Spring 2014, the teachers could choose to attend an optional Google Sites training session in which some initial concepts about Google Sites were explained, and then they were coached individually during planning periods, before, and after school on how to create a classroom website.  There is a link to a document that links to those websites--or, in some cases, copies of those websites. 

Training Outline
Spring & Summer 2013 2013-2014 School Year
  • Ongoing afterschool sessions (follow link to see sample sign up sheet)
  • Weekly PLC Meetings
    • Discussion with each teacher regarding coaching session for following week
    • Demo Slam of a new concept or app each week with questions & discussion
    • Success or challenge from the previous week
  • Weekly Individual Coaching Sessions
    • Avra & each classroom teacher 
    • 30 minutes each week
    • Informal coaching as needed also
  • Skill-Application Based Training Sessions
    • Introduce Google Drawings
    • Introduce Google Sites
  • March 2013--Illinois GAFE Summit
June 2014 
    • Advanced Google Docs
Hands-on Exercises

Summer 2013 Training Session at Creston School

From the Server to Google Drive

Creston Teachers'
Following the March 2013 Illinois GAFE Summit

Google Sites Training for Teachers Sites Created