2018 Conference, Richmond, Indiana


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Conflict is a part of everyday life. The Power of AVP is not in learning to avoid conflict, but in learning that embracing conflict is the only way to grow, to become the best versions of our self. AVP is about Learning IN to the most difficult situations, choices, relationships, and seeing the value in taking time to understand where conflict is coming from and the best way for all parties to proceed. 

Difference is one of the most complicated forms of conflict that we face. In our society, it is typical to surround ourselves with people who are like us, people who act, talk, think, dress, the same way as we do. In doing this, we shut ourselves off to difference, and ultimately we make it more difficult to engage with conflict constructively. Being willing to Lean In to the differences that make us uncomfortable challenges us to change and to be more open to differences of all kinds. And in the process we learn to be more empathic and caring for others.

On Memorial Day weekend: May 25-May 28, 2018:
Celebrate the 43nd year of AVP bringing Transforming Power and nonviolence into the lives of people in the U.S. and around the world, in prisons, in schools, in refugee camps, in veterans programs, in gang interventions, and in conflict zones across 60 countries.  Deepen your understanding of AVP. Reunite with old friends. Gain new ones. Put faces to the names. Kindle new ideas. Share yourself. Be challenged and inspired. Nourish your passion for the work. Transform. And just as you do in our AVP workshops, have fun doing it!

Welcome to Indiana - The Crossroads of America.

Welcome to Richmond Indiana! - cradle of recorded jazz. 

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9:00 am - 4:00 pm - Education Committee Workshop, at the Landrum Bowling Center: Changing Perceptions of Power and Control  within AVP and Beyond: Transforming Power for Peace 

9:00 am - 5:30 pm - Trauma Resilience Workshop: Location to Be Determined. 

A day working with others to develop skills and

understanding of Trauma Resilience.

Facilitators: James Higginbotham and Rachel Goldberg. Lunch will be provided. More information to come. 

8:30 am - 6:30 pm -  Plainfield Correctional Facility, Plainfield, Indiana

**Participants must fill out volunteer documentation before hand**

Learning from those Inside: Participate in a mini Advanced workshop on a topic chosen by the inside facilitators at Plainfield Correctional Facility.  AVP Indiana has been holding workshops at Plainfield Correctional Facility since January 2017. In that short time, 24 inside facilitators have been trained and 75 participants have been able to take workshops. This is a Medium Security Prison. 

FRIDAY MAY 25, 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm - Open Retreat for AVP Visioning held in the Landrum Bowling Center 

What does "Political" mean within AVP? What are the Boundaries of Activism with AVP? - Alternatives to Violence Project grew out of strong activist roots, focusing on "finding effective ways to communicate and practice active nonviolence."  (Liveoak: Hoover interview)  Ghandi called politics the "art of right action."  AVP's politics is about not taking sides, but seeking to do the right thing. Does taking no side mean that we are actually siding with the status quo and ignoring the voices of the marginalized? What is more political than actively working toward self-change or  "transformation" of power structures within communities, institutions or systems?

Please join a day long planning retreat as we expolore who  we are idealistically as an organization, how we act upon our shared beliefs, and identify implications as we move forward organizationally. 

 MONDAY, MAY 28, 2018
 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Open Post-Conference Planning Session (All welcome) to be held at the Earlham School of Religion Center. 
In this session we will break into small thematic groups to process things learned at the conference. Each group identifies specific action steps for Board & Committee follow-up in the year ahead. 



Registration begins January 2, 2018.  


Registration ended May 9, 2018

Featured Speaker: 
Sammy Rangel

Our Keynote Speaker this year is Sammy Rangel, Founder and CEO of Life After Hate
Sammy is a man of many talents: he is first a father. He has Native American roots as well as Mexican heritage. He is a second-degree black belt, practices mixed martial arts, is a singer on a Native American drum. He is an author, social worker, peace activist, speaker, and trainer, with a gripping story. 

His part autobiography and part manual, Fourbears: The Myths of Forgiveness, was launched in Dublin, Ireland in 2011 at the Summit Against Violent Extremism. It is in schools, colleges, youth detention centers, jails, AODA and mental health treatment centers, Human Services Departments, and in hands all over the world.

In 2014, Sammy founded Formers Anonymous, a recovery network of people seeking redemption and freedom from a lifestyle of self-destructive involvement with crime, violence, power, and control through change and recovery.

Presentation Proposals

We invite presentation proposals and still-forming ideas. Do you have a presentation to offer, an experience to share or a discussion to lead? Would you be a partner or a resource for other presenters? Do you know someone else with expertise we ought to consult? Please fill out the following form!

We are particularly interested in proposals that fit into our conference tracks:

            -Youth Leadership 
            -Trauma Resiliency 
            -Program "Nuts and Bolts"  
            -New AVP Activities 


Earlham College

Earlham is a national liberal arts college with a reputation for excellent teaching and preparing students to make a profound positive difference in the world. Earlham is ranked #10 among national liberal arts colleges for commitment to excellence in teaching by U.S. News and World Reports.


 Earlham School of Religion

Earlham School of Religion was established in 1960 as a Friends' seminary on the campus of Earlham College. ESR faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends are at the forefront of scholarship, leadership and renewal among Friends, and throughout the ecumenical world. 

and AVP Indiana

AVP Indiana was rebooted in 2011 when passion for creating change lead three people to put together a series of community workshops in the Richmond, Indiana area. Now in 2018, the organization has expanded to include two prison programs, one currently at Plainfield Correctional Facility, a high school course at the local Richmond High School, and the continuation of community based workshops in the Richmond and Indianapolis areas. 

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