Envisioning Alternatives to Violence-
from Retribution to Restoration

The 2016 AVP/USA National Gathering

May 27– 30, 2016

Denver, Colorado

Deepen your understanding of AVP, become acquainted with new ideas and new people, meet up with old friends, and put some faces to names. You will come away inspired - and just like our AVP workshops, you will have fun accomplishing all of this.

Explore how AVP can contribute to moving the criminal justice system from a focus on punishment and warehousing people to a focus on rehabilitation and restoration of people back to community.

Attend evening sessions that will showcase the work of imprisoned artists from around the nation.  

Celebrate our 41st year of bringing Transforming Power, peace and nonviolence into the lives of people around the world. AVP has been in 135 U.S. prisons and in schools, refugee camps, veterans programs, gang intervention work and conflict zones in over 60 countries.

Welcome to the Mile High City

Denver, Colorado

Come to Denver, the Mile High City the gateway to the beautiful Rocky Mountains with 300 days of sunshine. Come early or stay after, to enjoy everything that Denver and Colorado has to offer.

Regis University is located in the northwest corner of Denver.  Founded in 1877, it has lovely facilities and a view of the Rocky Mountains. 


(For the 2 Pre-Conference Workshops)

AVP-USA Planning Session

Join us in a discussion about how to move our organization forward to be more inclusive and more responsive to the needs of local groups.  Dawn Addy, President of AVP/USA will lead a discussion on AVP's involvement in prisons, communities and schools and will explore what the greatest barriers are for each.  We will also take time to strategize the role of the national AVP/USA in supporting these efforts as a whole

AVP Inside Out

The AVP facilitators inside Denver Women's Correctional Facility will present an all-day workshop.  Registration will require Guest Clearances into the facility that must be requested no later than April 22nd, 2016.


Lisa Calderon, MLS, JD

Lisa M. Calderón is the Director of the Community Reentry Project in Denver where she supervises six staff who work on behalf of formerly incarcerated persons for their successful transition back into the community.  She is an adjunct faculty member for CU Denver’s Ethnic Studies department. She has taught in academia for over ten years in the areas of Women’s Studies, Sociology, and Criminal Justice. She holds a Master’s degree, law degree, and is currently working on her doctorate in education.  _____________________

Proposals for Conference

Breakout Sessions No Longer Accepted 

Conference Breakout Sessions

Thanks for all the wonderful breakout session proposals.  The conference program is fully booked and we cannot accept any more proposals.

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