Multiplying Oil in Container

The miracle of the multiplying oil in a small container

True Life in God (TLiG) Prayer Group, Gold Coast, Australia 


While our Lord was gradually filling up the small container with oil, little by little every day, I became curious by how much He was increasing the oil. Sometimes it was hard to tell whether there was any increase in the oil at all, so I decided to keep daily weight records of the container. I felt like a small child in front of this Big and Infinite God of ours Who created all those huge heavenly bodies and filled up the deep oceans with water; and then to think of Him keeping Himself busy with some oil in a small container in front of the most wretched person one could find. Who did I think I was daring to play with Him in this manner: weighing the container to find out the oil increase? These were the feelings that used to come up now and then.



Sometimes I felt out of place, testing His Grace and Gifts; but on the other hand I felt so much intimacy with Him. I felt like a child playing in His House, witnessing first hand a miracle from this Huge and Marvelous God of ours, who "took time off" to entertain one of His worthless creatures with the multiplication of oil in a small container.


I was quite hesitant for others to know that I was keeping records on the weight of the container, let alone publish those figures. In the end I thought I will do it so others can know as well that

God truly exists

and that He is a God

Who desires intimacy

from us.

He is an Intimate God! 

He is a God Who longs for a heart-to-heart conversation with us. He wants us to use simple words when we talk with Him, words that flow from the heart, perhaps from the depth of the heart, simple but sincere words, not pompous words. However, we must always remember that in whatever form we keep Him in our minds or involve Him in our daily activities, that He is a Holy God, Who shuns away from evil, deceit, pride, arrogance and insincerity. He is the Supreme Purity and the Supreme Humility Who waits with great longing to hear from us the words:

"Lord Jesus Christ,

I love You"

or simply

"Jesus I love You".



Here then are the weight records I diligently kept as a statistician (please don't laugh) using a German made Accurat 2000 scale which Suzy uses for the mailouts.

The readings started on Mon. 2 Aug 2004 with

158 grams.

Tue 03 Aug: 169 gms

Wed 04 Aug: 176 gms

Thu 05 Aug:176 gms

Fri 06 Aug: 178 gms

Sat 07 Aug: 181 gms

Sun 08 Aug: 183 gms

Mon 09 Aug: 186 gms

Tue 10 Aug: 186 gms

Wed 11 Aug: 190 gms

Thu 12 Aug: 190 gms 

The container was now almost filled, and it seemed that our Lord had stopped filling it. Likewise, the statistician ceased his recording work.



Some 57 people had come at the Friday night prayer meeting on 13th August. Before the start of the prayer meeting, I was explaining to the prayer group what our Lord had done during the last 2 weeks. I had a microphone in my right hand and held the container with oil in the other. Now remember: it is Friday the 13th. As I was opening the hinged lid of the container with my right hand, somehow I forgot to hold the bowl itself properly with my left hand, so the bowl buckled away from the horizontal position, resulting in half the oil being spilled on the carpet. My left hand though was completely drenched in that oh so beautiful smelling oil from our Lord. Quickly many got off their seats and came forward to wipe the oil from the carpet with a tissue. I myself went around wiping off the oil from my hand onto the hands of others. The whole room was filled with the sweet smell from the oil.

It was a disaster, but also a blessing in many ways, as many could tangibly feel what our Lord had done, and enjoy the beautiful smell during the prayers.

We have labelled this oil "stigmata oil" because it started with the oil in the palm of Marianne's stigmata hands.


On Saturday 31st July 2004, Marianne took two cotton-balls and wiped the oil in the palm of her hands with them. She then put the cotton-balls in a small crucible-like container decorated with a picture of the Child Jesus embracing the Mother of God.

Later in the day Marianne commented to me that it seemed to her that the oil on the cotton-balls was increasing and that they were becoming more and more drenched in the oil. Not knowing how much oil was taken off her hands initially, my first reaction was: “We’ll wait and see what happens”.

The next day, Sunday, I had forgotten all about the container and did not pay any attention to it.

On Monday, 2nd August, I decided to look into the container to see if there were signs of oil increasing on the cotton-balls. As you can see in the picture below, not only had the oil on the cotton-balls increased noticeably, but oil had started to gather in a patch in the container itself.

Two days later you can see that the cotton-balls contain more oil in them.

On Tuesday 3rd August, oil had accumulated in the bottom of the container (picture below). Also, tiny red marks were visible in the oil and alongside the edge, as if there was some kind of precipitation.

Three days later: not only are the cotton-balls more drenched in oil, but oil has started to accumulate in the container.

The strong incense that comes from the cotton-balls is the same as that coming from Marianne’s stigmata wounds.


The container is starting to fill up.
Note that there are red marks (blood?) on the cotton-balls themselves.


 The container is almost full.