Here are some links related to our centre, and to the community of Avonmouth. These links will open in a new browser window.

Hibernia Centre
The Hibernia Centre run classes in traditional Irish music and dance, some at our centre.

We are members of Voscur, who support voluntary and community action in Bristol.

Ask Bristol
A council run website to help you get involved in local decision making, and in raising the issues that are important to you as a memer of the community.

The Bristol Partnership
The Bristol Partnership is a group of agencies and organisations from business, the public sector, community, voluntary sector and education who are working together to make Bristol a successful city in Europe. The site contains information about how you can influence decision making in your area through Neighbourhood Partnerships.

SevernNet is an organisation covering Avonmouth, and the surrounding port vicinity  It promotes collaborative working between business, community and other sectors to promote sustainability, community and enterprise.