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Real Food Club

New members wanted and volunteers.

We get fresh fruit and vegetables delivered to the centre every week from our local green grocer Bobbett's and kitchen cupboard healthy foods monthly from our Food Hub.

Collect and pre-order your food shopping on Thursday Afternoons 1 pm - 3.45 pm

Orders online from Friday 2 pm and by Monday Midnight. Or in person on Thursday.

Online joining https://avonmouthful.realeconomy.co.uk
 get 10% Off your first two orders.

Have a cuppa, try a tasty treat, share recipes and sometimes a sing song! Members are invited to do activities around food. Let us know your ideas and we can assist you to make your healthy food dreams come true.

Members say it's a sociable way to buy food, that ensures ease of access for all and good financial control. Without the temptation of unhealthy foods in the supermarkets.


Every week we pre-order and pay for what we want on a club order form, or if you want you can order through the club site, like online shopping, then the following week it gets delivered. You can order as much or as little as you need. Orders online by Monday 6 pm.

Join in person or through http://avonmouthful.realeconmy.co.uk and see our face book group for regular updates:

Would you like to help run the club?

Organisers gain and improve skills which looks good on the CV and great for your own feel good factor! Plus up to 50% off food orders every week or shared with other organisers.

The discount is worked out by taking 5% off the whole order (of all members orders) and can be shared with other organisers who help that week, if there is only one that week that organiser gets it all. For example if the order was a total of 10 members paying £10 each the whole club's order would be £100.00 then find 5%, which is £5.00 credit getting your order for £5 instead of £10.00.

We encourage people to take turns or split the tasks up for each organiser.

Get in touch with tasha@realeconomy.co.uk  or Phone/Text 07944 229085 to find out how to join.